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“Write without fear, and…

put down on your paper what you think, without thinking of what you must say, and your letters will be most acceptable,” wrote Louisa Adams, wife of former president John Quincy Adams, in 1821. This growing confidence in her keen … Continue reading

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Saturday Symmetry

by cheri Most marriage ceremonies concern the union of two individuals who pledge themselves to the institution of marriage–that is, they will proceed forward (and all “forward” encompasses), legally bound, until death parts them. In new marriage, you accepted the … Continue reading

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Our Owl Box

by cheri I’ve come to the conclusion that a barn owl couple will not be inhabiting our owl box, erected three years ago,  any time soon. There is no good reason why not. It’s full of ample room with pine … Continue reading

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Joy Covey

by cheri block sabraw Around a table for 12 or so students, 20 of us sat waiting  for Dr. Edward Steidle to enter Margaret Jacks Hall and begin our 4-year academic journey with his first lecture on the book (tablets) … Continue reading

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Hummingbird Hussy

by cheri block Cecil? Is that you? Where have you been? Yes, Alice, I’m coming in for a landing, Watch my style, my spin, my hum. Archie, is that you? Yes, Alice, your sweetie-pie, coming over from across the creek … Continue reading

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To the Lighthouse with Mrs. Dalloway

 by cheri block I read Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse several years ago. At first, I resisted her style, often harrumphing about her scattered stream of  consciousness and disorder that defy categorization. Irritated, perhaps, by the stop and start … Continue reading

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A Cup of Tea and a Biscuit (Fiona Squire)

by cheri block To read Chapter One, you will need to return to to a previous post. In the future, as the story develops, I will use the picture to the right, taken last summer (2009) outside Annapolis Royal in … Continue reading

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A 14th Century Heroine: Alisoun of Bath

by cheri block After spending three weeks with Alisoun of Bath (and indirectly with her marvelous creator, Geoffrey Chaucer) I have a new heroine: the Wife of Bath of The Canterbury Tales. I love her. I love Chaucer too, for … Continue reading

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Dido, Queen of the Ancient Meltdown

by cheri block The ancient poet Virgil, commissioned by his patron, Roman Emperor Augustus, to write an epic poem that would commemorate the founding of Rome, died before he finished his massive text, a work we know as The Aeneid. … Continue reading

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And the Emmy goes to: the Sumerian scribes

by cheri block sabraw I understand the Emmy Awards were doled out last night. Since my interest in anything Hollywood is akin to my interest in mortuary science, I have no idea who won what. One thing is for sure: … Continue reading

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