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The Athenian Persona (5)

by cheri block I am the only one in my group who likes Alcibiades. We have read and discussed Thucydides and two of Plato’s Dialogues, Alcibiades I and II. This morning, we will begin analyzing the historian Plutarch’s take on … Continue reading

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Pause to eat breakfast (4)

By cheri block Yesterday (May 19, 2010) 1st Class on Alcibiades The gods divided our seminarians into two groups of 15  people and off we went to our places around the table. Five women and ten men comprise our group. … Continue reading

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Demeter and Hermes visit Northern California (1)

by Demeter Mt. Olympus is restless. The Gods sit and squabble. For example, yesterday my sisters Hestia and Hera got into a raging fight over matches and who would light the kitchen fire.  I interfered. Is this petulance about cooking … Continue reading

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The Greeks

by cheri block Long ago when I was a naive girl, I tried out the Greek sorority system. *   *   *    *    * “Hello, Cheri. My name is Leslie. Welcome to Kappa Kappa Gamma. That’s a cute dress. How are … Continue reading

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Rowing to Artemisium

by cheri block Judge Blah and I launch our sea kayaks into an estuary on the California coast and paddle out to a spit for lunch. On this sandy peninsula far from the peopled shore, live motley crews of misfits, … Continue reading

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A Banquet for Demodocus

by cheri block sabraw Last weekend, we held a banquet  for Joe’s 78th Birthday. Banquets are a major motif in Ancient Greek literature, and in some Roman literature too, so hosting a dinner  tailored for Joe seemed entirely in keeping … Continue reading

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Hamartia and Sophrosyne

by cheri block sabraw The Greek word sophrosyne was summarized in brief by the Oracle at Delphi in several succinct aphorisms:  Nothing in Excess and Know Thyself. In other words, with moderation of all that pulls us away from the … Continue reading

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