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Research the old-fashioned way

by cheri block, Mrs. Sabraw, Cherylann B. Sabraw, My dear friend Richard in far-off England sent me a Boris Johnson solution for peace in the Middle East in commemoration of  the 100th Anniversary of the Balfour Agreement on Friday, November … Continue reading

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Joy Covey

by cheri block sabraw Around a table for 12 or so students, 20 of us sat waiting  for Dr. Edward Steidle to enter Margaret Jacks Hall and begin our 4-year academic journey with his first lecture on the book (tablets) … Continue reading

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The Happy Couple

by cheri block Meet Harvey and Helen, two marine iguanas (yes, marine iguanas). My professor,  Carter A. Hunt, sent me this photograph yesterday from the Galapagos Islands, along with his gracious suggestions for my latest long paper. I have been … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Life: Can we find it in great literature?

by cheri block sabraw Last year, I visited the marvelous San Francisco Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park.  Along with a shockingly gorgeous white crocodile and a room full of butterflies, was a human skull time line, illustrating the … Continue reading

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A Zen December

by cheri block I had a zen December this past year. It came about because of a stinging comment my professor made to me while we were in conference. She told me that there was “too much me” in everything … Continue reading

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