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Only then can the fun begin

by Mrs. Sabraw Good morning students, welcome to Room N-9. You may be wondering what the N stands for. Oh sure, you might think that just because this whole wing is the N-wing that N-9 refers to one room in … Continue reading

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And look what the California Teachers’ Association has wrought…

by cheri block In the March 31st edition of The Economist magazine, Andreas Kluth wrote a piece that warmed my heart. Warmed it like a blow torch. Although the subject of his article is education here in California,the problems the … Continue reading

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The Nerdy 58 Year Old Woman (4) : Day Two of my grammar class

On Thursday last, the second day of my grammar class, several of the shy students decided they weren’t shy anymore. This phenomenon happened right in the middle of my story about a time when the Nerdy Little 8th Grader was … Continue reading

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Pepcid AC please or Nada

I had a miserable experience this week. And because I am a passionate person, the experience still sits in my gut as sour as curdled milk. In short, I visited a  classroom at one of the top public high schools … Continue reading

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I Have Bliss in my Gut

When I was a little girl, I developed a talent for blowing a bubble inside a bubble of pink elastic Bazooka Bubble Gum. If I added an additional hard square of gum to the rich material already processing up and … Continue reading

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The Screen Shop

by cheri sabraw Most of us know what the acronym CPR means, but how many of us know what TPR means? The properties of TPR (Taking Personal Responsibility) were made crystal clear to me last week when I went to … Continue reading

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The Art of Note-Passing

by cheri sabraw When I was a 7th grader back in 1963, I remember how strict and mean some of my teachers were. There was to be NO TALKING in class; this rule meant big trouble for me, as my … Continue reading

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