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Does color change Beauty?

  by cheri sabraw Let’s get back to the topic of Beauty. Unless you are a member of ISIS, you all might agree that this scene is beautiful. This Gila woodpecker might easily fit onto a page of Allure Magazine … Continue reading

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What is aesthetic beauty?

by cheri sabraw This photograph of a single California Brown pelican floating in the silvery-grey Pacific Ocean is not cropped or enhanced. It represents a real moment in time in the life of a solitary seabird who is resting from   … Continue reading

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Montaigne, Descartes, and Purple Fruit

by cheri block This morning the West Wind, Zephyr, blew from the Pacific Ocean up our mountain side with ferocity. Since I find solace and energy in the wind, I ventured out into the rain and up the road, the … Continue reading

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The Coffee is Percolating

by cheri block Joe and I are warming up for the Dark Ages. We are reading (or rereading) The Confessions of St. Augustine, Beowulf, the Koran, The Song of Roland, and Lancelot. To recap for those of you who have … Continue reading

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Coffee at the Palace

  Plato’s The Republic is a dynamic work of deductive philosophy. The Republic is lofty and challenging. In his dialectic, Plato lets the us know from the start what he intends to investigate and then proceeds, through a series of … Continue reading

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First Hamster Point of View: My birth

by cheri block My birth was a big relief, not only to my overstuffed mother DeDe, but to me, as well. In utero I had felt crowded and thus, irritable, sharing a watery sack with four other active siblings. In … Continue reading

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The First Essay: Nietzsche’s blamers and warriors

by cheri block sabraw Nietzsche’s First Essay in his On the Genealogy of Morality traces the origins of our Western values. He bifurcates early human groups into two: the aristocratic nobles and the priestly/slaves. It would be understatement to say … Continue reading

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The Preface to the Genealogy–Moooooooo!!

by cheri block sabraw For those readers who have not read Nietzsche’s On the Genealogy of Morality, I’ll begin by saying that the material is lively and told by an evocative storyteller. And although I am the only one in … Continue reading

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Mind talk

I’m heading to New Mexico tomorrow to get away from California and do something different, now that the summer session at my little school is over. California has too many loud people and  hot pavement. My husband and I, and … Continue reading

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Death of a Teacher

Harry Kalas, the venerable announcer for the Philadelphia Phillies for over 40 years, died last month. He died the Death of a Broadcaster, in his booth, preparing to call the game. Mr. Kalas left this place in a squeeze play—his … Continue reading

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