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Jessica Mitford: Here I come!

by cheri I’ve decided to rescue my mother and father’s ashes from their joint grave at the Chapel of the Chimes cemetery in Hayward, California. How  to do this, I am not sure.  And I suppose I ought to run … Continue reading

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Crossing Moon River

by cheri block 1963 Wallflower, I. Growing along the banks of the 7th-grade gym, having tentatively planted myself there for stability, with other flat-chested girls whose buds had not bloomed, whose stalks were thin and green, whose flowers were years … Continue reading

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Waffles and Waffalls

by cheri I realize this image is rather earthy: a warm buckwheat and blueberry waffle resting asymmetrically on a pedestrian paper plate, its blueberries warning of dark caverns filled with butter and pure maple syrup–a bite of hot crust that … Continue reading

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Beautiful Lake Tahoe!

by cheri block Somewhere, under the umbrella canopy, sit families enjoying a Lake Tahoe July afternoon. Although the sky threatens, the mountain air is full with the sounds of children squealing and the lap of the water onto the beach. … Continue reading

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Bluey, Bluey (48 years later)

by cheri block You will forgive me today, won’t you? Instead of telling stories about literature, education, human foibles and courage, I am throwing confetti (from my shredder) above my head and letting it sprinkle to the floor in a … Continue reading

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Good Bye Dexter

This post tonight is the first one written on my spanking new MacBookPro. He doesn’t have a name yet, but I am open to suggestions. I am happy to own this amazing computer with the latest gadgets and sheen, but … Continue reading

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The Total Worlders

I’ve lived long enough to know that the Gods have a sense of humor, thank God. The Gods who have been spending time in my company these past several weeks are busy and swift, sentimental and gentle. Not Greek or … Continue reading

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From Cleopatra to Shirley Temple

by cheri block sabraw The Epic of Gilgamesh offers the modern reader a vivid slide show. The first pictures of life in ancient Mesopotamia, replete with powerful gods and goddesses, set the scene for us viewers. As I wrote, we … Continue reading

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Another cup of Joe

by cheri block sabraw Joe and I met at our usual time and location (11:30am at the Elephant Bar) last week to catch up on our summers. Approaching 80 years of vigorous living, Joe’s knee and hip need some oil. … Continue reading

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The Nerdy 8th Grade Girl’s Plan for Popularity (3)

Here’s the second part of the story that my students will receive tomorrow, before the quiz. The Nerdy 8th Grade Girl’s Plan for Popularity 1963 Nerds love to memorize things like the Gettysburg Address, all prime numbers to 7919, eighty … Continue reading

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