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New Mexico, again

by cheri sabraw Every time I anticipate a journey to New Mexico, in particular, a trip to Santa Fe, I picture the unparalleled beauty of the skies. And despite the snow and rain predicted for today, the show yesterday rewarded … Continue reading

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A desire for simplicity

by cheri Several weeks ago, while attending a fine arts  show in Scottsdale, Arizona, I viewed one artist’s take on landscapes, houses, barns, and oceans–all done in a starkly simple manner, emphasized by shadow, complementary color and linear expression. Not … Continue reading

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Cumulus petticoats

by cheri block We navigated through some fierce weather last month on our way to and from New Mexico, weather that pounded my car and electrified the skies as the gathering storms built upon themselves by the minute, turning frothy … Continue reading

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Aristotle’s restraint and Proust’s liberty

by cheri sabraw As we drove away from Santa Fe at high noon, I vowed never again to eat another cheesy enchilada laced with New Mexican chili pepper, bell peppers, and jalapeno peppers, another tortilla stuffed with hot saucy scrambled … Continue reading

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Washing Rice

by cheri block Oh, Prometheus, look what you have wrought. Fire. With anvil and mallet, you smash the atmosphere. The cauldron opens. Energy explodes. Day is done. How did you spend your day, Prometheus?  

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More photos from White Sands National Monument in the fall

by cheri block That’s all for now.

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White Sands, New Mexico

by cheri block White Sands New Mexico (between Las Cruces and Alamogordo) Temperature (perfect for the high desert) 80 degrees Sentimentality (barometric pressure 100 degrees) My husband and I are spending time in the high desert of beautiful  southern New … Continue reading

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The skies in Santa Fe

by cheri block Santa Fe, New Mexico Toasty hot (like a blue corn enchilada) Some of you have never been to New Mexico, so I thought I would include a little photo gallery of the expansive skies here, which never … Continue reading

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The day is still Jung

by cheri block Santa Fe, New Mexico Hot (low 90’s) Thunderbumpers and rain in the late afternoon. Today, we will be discussing two chapters from Carl Jung’s Modern Man in Search of a Soul, Chapters 9 (Analytical Psychology)and 10 (The … Continue reading

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Preface to the Preface

by cheri block sabraw We drove up to Santa Fe yesterday from Albuquerque. The high desert New Mexican sky greeted us like a proud docent, showing off her finest cumulus clouds. The clouds here are magnificent atmospheric sculptures and cause … Continue reading

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