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I’m going, stag.

by cheri block I drove home yesterday (carefully with a modified boot on my injured foot) from a birthday lunch with my sister and her husband. Still warm with the pot roast and mashed potatoes inside, I gingerly stepped out … Continue reading

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Security Sisters

by cheri I remember when Charles Schultz suggested that  security was “a thumb and a blanket.” For me, security is still closely related to touch and sound. Things soft–my lambs wool robe, downy slippers, Italian cotton blouses, and silk pillowcases. … Continue reading

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Beauty in the Sonoran Desert

by cheri sabraw Season’s Greetings from the Sonoran Desert! This Anna’s Hummingbird visited my feeder today. His name is Harry. Harry is pure beauty– a symphony, a unity of color and balance, petite proportion and aesthetic gorgeousness. May your drinks … Continue reading

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Butterfly Lovers

by cheri block The sounds of the quail call-calling from under the oaks seemed louder this morning. The abbreviated shrieks of the red-tail hawk returning to her nest secure in our pine tree amplified the woods. Even the rabble-gobble of … Continue reading

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