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On teaching

by cheri block sabraw In between learning how to oil paint, trying to take off the 4 pounds I put on during the holiday season (pasta, enchiladas, Chardonnay), and coping with a pesky Labrador retriever beset with acute cabin fever, … Continue reading

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The lament of the candle makers

  by cheri sabraw I taught Journalism I and II to precocious high school juniors and seniors for thirteen years (1985-1998) and served as the advisor to the newspaper staff. You can imagine the decade-long censorial tussles, the moral dilemmas, … Continue reading

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The Scarlet Letter (again)

by Mrs. Sabraw If you have been reading my writing since 2009, then you will remember this entry. If not, I repost it, not only because I find it entertaining to recall the world in which I operated, as deftly … Continue reading

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Vergara v. California

by Ms. Cheri Sabraw Today, the Second District Court of Appeal  sided with all incompetent teachers, those backed  by one of the most powerful organizations in California, the California Teachers’ Association, a union that believes the rights of its teachers … Continue reading

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More geometry in photography

by cheri sabraw I never set the world on fire in mathematics. In elementary school and junior high, my placement was in honors math but barely. In other words, I provided for all those annoying whizzes a magnificent  “C” that … Continue reading

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