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A journal of the day: an old dog being fed

Today, a first happened. My dog Dinah was so asleep in her lambswool bed that she did not wake up when I came down to fetch my coffee. I say “fetch” because it seems to go with the theme of … Continue reading

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Finding meaning

by cheri sabraw My sister and I are avowed bird and bunny watchers. Instead of hashing over how miserable we are about the socialism creep (verb or noun depending on your perspective) or about Theresa May’s crippling act of personal … Continue reading

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The Big Picture

by cheri block   Being small is rarely about size. We all know people who choose to be small rather than big, petty rather than generous, and selfish rather than selfless. And, we have all been that way, some people … Continue reading

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Mrs. Dalloway revisited

by cheri After visiting the Westminster, St. James’ Park, and the Piccadilly areas of London in June, I felt that I simply must reread Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway.   And so I am rereading. What a brilliant work of literature! … Continue reading

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The textures of Chicago

Life is texture. We might see it if we look. Soft, nubby, smooth, coarse, mottled, velvety, wet. Texture abounds all around. Sometimes, you find yourself in a place that feels cold. When under ice, you might commune with those people … Continue reading

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Morning melodrama

by cheri sabraw My heart is beating but my pace is offline. I should be in the shower, the hot water pounding my  muscles into leaner and friskier flesh not unlike tenderizing a brisket. My coffee is ice cold; the … Continue reading

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A Proton

by cheri block Joan left the earth’s atmosphere the other night after lingering for several weeks in and about her children’s homes. Now a spot of energy in the Grand Scheme of Things, Joan is on her way. I did … Continue reading

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Queen Joan

  by cheri block   Yesterday, handmaiden that I am, I paid a short visit to Queen Joan and concluded on my way back to my humble quarters that there are some people in the world who are so special … Continue reading

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Joy Covey

by cheri block sabraw Around a table for 12 or so students, 20 of us sat waiting  for Dr. Edward Steidle to enter Margaret Jacks Hall and begin our 4-year academic journey with his first lecture on the book (tablets) … Continue reading

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Marriage in Oxymoronica

by cheri block I live with a logical man who speaks in logical vocabulary, thinks to himself logically, and espouses logical fact-based opinions often; that is, his posturing takes place about as often as I think intuitively, elliptically, and emotionally. … Continue reading

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