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More strength training

by cheri sabraw Meet Mary. Age 85 (but she quickly lets me know she will be 86 in November). Mary is one of  a number of older women in our small gym, Snap Fitness,  who push weights. Her kettle bell … Continue reading

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Only then can the fun begin

by Mrs. Sabraw Good morning students, welcome to Room N-9. You may be wondering what the N stands for. Oh sure, you might think that just because this whole wing is the N-wing that N-9 refers to one room in … Continue reading

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Another simple thought

by cheri block Last night we left the busy Bay Area, the three of us—man, woman, and dog—and drove down to our tiny spot on the Central Coast of California. It’s important to get away from work every now and … Continue reading

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The Coffee is Percolating

by cheri block Joe and I are warming up for the Dark Ages. We are reading (or rereading) The Confessions of St. Augustine, Beowulf, the Koran, The Song of Roland, and Lancelot. To recap for those of you who have … Continue reading

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A Banquet for Demodocus

by cheri block sabraw Last weekend, we held a banquet  for Joe’s 78th Birthday. Banquets are a major motif in Ancient Greek literature, and in some Roman literature too, so hosting a dinner  tailored for Joe seemed entirely in keeping … Continue reading

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A Cup of Creon

by cheri block sabraw Joe and I had coffee last Monday to discuss Sophocles, Aeschylus, and Euripides, three Greek tragedians. Our usual booth was taken. Our usual server was busy. Joe wasn’t pleased. Hell, we’ll take that booth over there, … Continue reading

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Off you go

I have been one of those types who bounds along in life like a terrier in high grass. I see myself as young and vital until I look in the mirror and recognize that many years have passed since I … Continue reading

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A Cup of Joe

Once a month, Joe and I meet for lunch and strong coffee. He never lets me pay. That’s against my nature, Baby, he says. He drives a shiny black car, newly washed, with a license plate that reads Cent Ani. … Continue reading

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What is the Difference between a Puritan and a Pilgrim?

Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American author whose works I taught for over twenty years, wrote one of my favorite quotations about friendship. Mr. Emerson wrote, “ A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature.“ This is a significant … Continue reading

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My Silent View

by cheri sabraw How we view the world is critical to our productivity, our relationship with our children and family members, and our ability to impact society. Certainly, life experiences can impact our view. Take my mother, for example. Her … Continue reading

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