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The Other Half-Circle of Hell

by cheri Someone stole one of my blue ceramic pots from a small arched alcove up by our gate. To take the pot, the thief had to wriggle it  through Spanish iron. This is the second theft I have experienced … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Life: Can we find it in great literature?

by cheri block sabraw Last year, I visited the marvelous San Francisco Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park.  Along with a shockingly gorgeous white crocodile and a room full of butterflies, was a human skull time line, illustrating the … Continue reading

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A 14th Century Heroine: Alisoun of Bath

by cheri block After spending three weeks with Alisoun of Bath (and indirectly with her marvelous creator, Geoffrey Chaucer) I have a new heroine: the Wife of Bath of The Canterbury Tales. I love her. I love Chaucer too, for … Continue reading

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E-mails of Thomas Mann, 1889-1955

by cheri block Last week, Judge Blah and I wandered around San Luis Obispo and as always, ended up in the Phoenix Book Store where the floorboards creak and the old books smell. An hour later, we left for a … Continue reading

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In Paradiso, Dante sees the White Rose

by cheri block My guide Virgil has been weakened this month, so we could not meet at Elephant Bar to discuss the Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso this past week. Looking more like a shade than a robust Italian, he answered … Continue reading

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The Sins of the Flesh

by cheri block The word confession is an attractive one to nosey journalists, betrayed wives, and Catholic priests. The Confessions of St. Augustine, written in the late 4th Century C.E., is the first autobiography. In thirteen chapters, Augustine tells his … Continue reading

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Matrix at the Mall

by cheri block Myrtle is the loose woman who eyes rich Tom Buchanan on the commuter train from Long Island to New York City. He oozes money. She, wife of a garage mechanic with grease under his fingernails, sees the … Continue reading

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Mr. Griswold’s Eulogy

Mr. Keane looks like Gordon Lindsey, I told my dad in 1961. Gordon Lindsey was the owner of the local mortuary, the one we kids tip-toed  by on our way to school. Mr. Lindsey grew red roses and calla lilies … Continue reading

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A Cup of Creon

by cheri block sabraw Joe and I had coffee last Monday to discuss Sophocles, Aeschylus, and Euripides, three Greek tragedians. Our usual booth was taken. Our usual server was busy. Joe wasn’t pleased. Hell, we’ll take that booth over there, … Continue reading

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Air freshener, please?

by cheri block sabraw Hello Girls. [Startled young bodies crow-hop to the left] Alicia runs into a stall. The toilet flushes. The latch clicks. She feels safe for a minute. Cigarette smoke fills the space. Nat and Georgia copy their … Continue reading

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