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The Big Picture

by cheri block   Being small is rarely about size. We all know people who choose to be small rather than big, petty rather than generous, and selfish rather than selfless. And, we have all been that way, some people … Continue reading

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Go out and do it!

by cheri My grandfather Harry told me one time, “Cheri, the secret to life is to get up and get out.” Pretty good advice from a 92-year who continued to stay as active as he could until the last two … Continue reading

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The textures of Chicago

Life is texture. We might see it if we look. Soft, nubby, smooth, coarse, mottled, velvety, wet. Texture abounds all around. Sometimes, you find yourself in a place that feels cold. When under ice, you might commune with those people … Continue reading

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“Write without fear, and…

put down on your paper what you think, without thinking of what you must say, and your letters will be most acceptable,” wrote Louisa Adams, wife of former president John Quincy Adams, in 1821. This growing confidence in her keen … Continue reading

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Have a Curious New Year!

by cheri sabraw If I could sprinkle you with pixie dust, hastening your flight to enlightenment (I might add) and bestow upon your gentle soul one quality that will invigorate your heart and vitalize your mind, I would. Instead, I … Continue reading

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Good-bye Joe

by cheri block I have just learned that my mentor, Joe, died suddenly last night. As Joe would have it, I am supposed to teach in 30 minutes, so I cannot cry my eyes out (yet). Our lunch meeting to … Continue reading

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A New Shoe Year

by cheri block As is my wish each year for the past three, I volunteer to be the official photographer of my grandson’s  first day of school. Time marches on when you are a second grader. After photographing the customary … Continue reading

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Coffee at the Palace

  Plato’s The Republic is a dynamic work of deductive philosophy. The Republic is lofty and challenging. In his dialectic, Plato lets the us know from the start what he intends to investigate and then proceeds, through a series of … Continue reading

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Off you go

I have been one of those types who bounds along in life like a terrier in high grass. I see myself as young and vital until I look in the mirror and recognize that many years have passed since I … Continue reading

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My Silent View

by cheri sabraw How we view the world is critical to our productivity, our relationship with our children and family members, and our ability to impact society. Certainly, life experiences can impact our view. Take my mother, for example. Her … Continue reading

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