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From Cleopatra to Shirley Temple

by cheri block sabraw The Epic of Gilgamesh offers the modern reader a vivid slide show. The first pictures of life in ancient Mesopotamia, replete with powerful gods and goddesses, set the scene for us viewers. As I wrote, we … Continue reading

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And the Emmy goes to: the Sumerian scribes

by cheri block sabraw I understand the Emmy Awards were doled out last night. Since my interest in anything Hollywood is akin to my interest in mortuary science, I have no idea who won what. One thing is for sure: … Continue reading

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Gilgamesh and Bill

by cheri block sabraw Life has a way of delivering messages to us if only we will listen, and not talk, blowing our wind for all to hear. Events, thoughts, people intersect our lives in perfect timing if only we … Continue reading

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