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Savoring a Sentence

by cheri block Consider this sentence only. Let me give you some context before you do. Before I give you the context, how much time do you have? If you are stopping by for six seconds in hopes of being … Continue reading

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And look what the California Teachers’ Association has wrought…

by cheri block In the March 31st edition of The Economist magazine, Andreas Kluth wrote a piece that warmed my heart. Warmed it like a blow torch. Although the subject of his article is education here in California,the problems the … Continue reading

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A 14th Century Heroine: Alisoun of Bath

by cheri block After spending three weeks with Alisoun of Bath (and indirectly with her marvelous creator, Geoffrey Chaucer) I have a new heroine: the Wife of Bath of The Canterbury Tales. I love her. I love Chaucer too, for … Continue reading

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aardvark, here

by cheri block When podcasts first became vogue  new media, I began listening to Mignon Fogarty, aka Grammar Girl. I downloaded her podcasts from  iTunes. Everything about her business endeavor was hot:  five thousand or more hits a month on … Continue reading

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Hamartia and Sophrosyne

by cheri block sabraw The Greek word sophrosyne was summarized in brief by the Oracle at Delphi in several succinct aphorisms:  Nothing in Excess and Know Thyself. In other words, with moderation of all that pulls us away from the … Continue reading

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Take it from Ladybug: A job may be more important than your SAT score.

My first “job” was a volunteer position with the City of Fremont in 1963. I was thirteen years old. My parents insisted that we get out of the house, stop watching TV, and do something for others. By the age … Continue reading

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What is the Difference between a Puritan and a Pilgrim?

Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American author whose works I taught for over twenty years, wrote one of my favorite quotations about friendship. Mr. Emerson wrote, “ A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature.“ This is a significant … Continue reading

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