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The sounds and hearts of the winged

by cheri sabraw When I was ten, I spent most of a morning fashioning a set of golden wings. Akin to making a kite, which my father Hugh had taught me to do, I designed a balsa wood skeleton, added … Continue reading

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by cheri sabraw We are olive farmers. The harvest and press are six weeks away. Our olives are plump, sucking water like long-distance runners, so close to the finish line. The smell of olives reduced to particulates, oil, and yes, … Continue reading

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Waffles and Waffalls

by cheri I realize this image is rather earthy: a warm buckwheat and blueberry waffle resting asymmetrically on a pedestrian paper plate, its blueberries warning of dark caverns filled with butter and pure maple syrup–a bite of hot crust that … Continue reading

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Summer sidles up to Fall

by cheri Bay leaves fall  onto my outdoor cocktail table; the sun sidles up to her lover, Fall. He’s still standoffish, waiting and plotting for the days to shorten, waiting for the yellow jackets to go home, the burning afternoons … Continue reading

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The Kentucky Derby

by cheri sabraw Today in Louisville, Kentucky, the bell will scream and twenty thoroughbreds will free themselves in stunning locomotion from their forced imprisionment in the steel rectangle of the starting gate. Their chests and forelegs will lurch forward, powered … Continue reading

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The Frog Princes

by cheri sabraw Since my mother died, it’s been a reflective several months for me. I have thought a great deal about aging but more about vitality–how to keep it and nourish it. This evening, the glorious rain that has … Continue reading

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A Patio Reverie

by cheri sabraw The quail pair doesn’t see me sitting so still on the patio, sipping my iced vanilla coffee, undetected. She, under an overgrown Bottlebrush shrub, pecking away for plant bits and seeds and he, parading across my line of … Continue reading

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A Pricey Pumpkin

by cheri sabraw One early morning last October, before Dawn opened her eyes, a mean person took a Sharpie pen and wrote hateful words on one of my pumpkins. Halloween was approaching; my pumpkins–each so heavy that only with help … Continue reading

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Cumulus petticoats

by cheri block We navigated through some fierce weather last month on our way to and from New Mexico, weather that pounded my car and electrified the skies as the gathering storms built upon themselves by the minute, turning frothy … Continue reading

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Lonely Highway 50: Southern Nevada through Utah

by cheri block The dry and endless desolation that I had expected in Nevada never materialized and this morning, as we headed southeast from Ely, Nevada (birthplace of Patricia Nixon) on a sparsely traveled road, we feasted on some of … Continue reading

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