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Jessica Mitford: Here I come!

by cheri I’ve decided to rescue my mother and father’s ashes from their joint grave at the Chapel of the Chimes cemetery in Hayward, California. How  to do this, I am not sure.  And I suppose I ought to run … Continue reading

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How to live a real life, revisited

by cheri block sabraw Five years have passed since I wrote How to Live  a Real Life, the post that every year since has been read  more than any other post I have ever written. Upon revisiting this post this … Continue reading

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The Frog Princes

by cheri sabraw Since my mother died, it’s been a reflective several months for me. I have thought a great deal about aging but more about vitality–how to keep it and nourish it. This evening, the glorious rain that has … Continue reading

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Joy Covey

by cheri block sabraw Around a table for 12 or so students, 20 of us sat waiting  for Dr. Edward Steidle to enter Margaret Jacks Hall and begin our 4-year academic journey with his first lecture on the book (tablets) … Continue reading

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Vantage Point

by cheri block What would your current frustrations look like from the vantage point of the final days of your life? I read this quotation this morning in a little book of Eastern wisdom. The point, obviously, is that our … Continue reading

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On The Death of Ivan Ilych

by cheri block My class this semester is entitled The Meaning of Life: Moral and Spiritual Inquiry Through Literature. Part of the requirements is to submit a one page reflection after reading the short story, play, or novel assigned each … Continue reading

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Good-bye Joe

by cheri block I have just learned that my mentor, Joe, died suddenly last night. As Joe would have it, I am supposed to teach in 30 minutes, so I cannot cry my eyes out (yet). Our lunch meeting to … Continue reading

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The Wedding Feast at Cana

by cheri block I turned back, once more, to view Veronese’s enormous painting entitled The Wedding Feast at Cana, created in 1563. Of all of the works I saw in a short 5-hour period at the Louvre—including the Mona Lisa … Continue reading

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Mr. Griswold’s Eulogy

Mr. Keane looks like Gordon Lindsey, I told my dad in 1961. Gordon Lindsey was the owner of the local mortuary, the one we kids tip-toed  by on our way to school. Mr. Lindsey grew red roses and calla lilies … Continue reading

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Where is the French voice?

My blog is usually about writing, literature, people, dignity, and philosophy. So you will bear with me as I deviate from my normal humor and address one of  of life’s unfinished horrors— France’s role in deporting 78,000 men, women, and … Continue reading

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