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“She has the most sand of any girl I know…”

by cheri sabraw In Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Huck says of Mary Jane Wilks, a 19-year-old girl he meets and admires and who, along with her sisters, is the object of a failed scam by the Duke and … Continue reading

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The Big Picture

by cheri block   Being small is rarely about size. We all know people who choose to be small rather than big, petty rather than generous, and selfish rather than selfless. And, we have all been that way, some people … Continue reading

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More strength training

by cheri sabraw Meet Mary. Age 85 (but she quickly lets me know she will be 86 in November). Mary is one of  a number of older women in our small gym, Snap Fitness,  who push weights. Her kettle bell … Continue reading

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“Write without fear, and…

put down on your paper what you think, without thinking of what you must say, and your letters will be most acceptable,” wrote Louisa Adams, wife of former president John Quincy Adams, in 1821. This growing confidence in her keen … Continue reading

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Iris Origo and La Foce

by cheri sabraw One of the imaginative exercises in which I sometimes engage is to place myself into the historical time and worn out shoes of real people who did not bring on their difficult circumstances through their own poor … Continue reading

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On Seizing the Day

by cheri block I sit in a hard plastic lounge chair  reading Saul Bellow’s Seize the Day but find myself distracted by the enormous cactus  growing out of the red rock that lines my mother’s Arizona patio home.  Its ribbed … Continue reading

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In Paradiso, Dante sees the White Rose

by cheri block My guide Virgil has been weakened this month, so we could not meet at Elephant Bar to discuss the Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso this past week. Looking more like a shade than a robust Italian, he answered … Continue reading

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Beowulf’s Dragon

by cheri block I never played with dolls. I played with stuffed animals, setting up scenarios about everything from arctic sea expeditions where the polar bear eats the hunter, to circuses where the elephants, tigers, and lions talk back to … Continue reading

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Charlotte was on to something (amended)

by cheri block sabraw with thanks to Brighid for her comment One of my best students that year, Mark, received some very bad news one weekend, the type of news that forces deep introspection about everything one believes. His younger … Continue reading

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The Nerdy 58-Year-Old Woman (2): Day One of my grammar class

2009 OK. I am sure you, my loyal readers, are more interested in what happened yesterday at 4:00 when ten junior high students entered Room 2 for 1.5 hours of grammar instruction than you are say, in the gripping events … Continue reading

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