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Living in a Stepford community

    by cheri sabraw I live on a piece of property where, through the grace of the God of PIP ( Psychological Insulating Protection), I have a four-acre  buffer zone from the sometimes crass and inane behavior of others … Continue reading

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My friends, the Clydes

by cheri An indifferent wire and an unshaven fence both travel up the barren hill that lies at the bottom of my road. The cattle have ripped every last blade of dead grass from it.  The blue sky and white … Continue reading

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Over the river and through the woods to Beowulf’s house we go…

by cheri block Every Thursday night, I teach writing to two small classes of high school students. My bunch this session includes a smart little 8th grade guy. Poor kid. Do not start your essays with a question. That’s soooo  … Continue reading

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by cheri block sabraw In my junior year of college, I snagged the part of a sorceress in the annual Band Frolic Follies. Dressed in black and topped with a pointy velvet hat on which glittery moons shone, I played … Continue reading

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Let’s get personal.

by cheri block sabraw Good Evening. Hey. My name is Mrs. Sabraw. We are going to be working together during the next three months to improve your writing. Silence. How many of you like to write? Two hands out of … Continue reading

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And to you, Class of 2009…

Today I attended my son’s graduation from business school. The speaker was a well known district attorney. She is a stylish woman, and as a way of making a fashion statement, since she had a green graduation robe covering her … Continue reading

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I Enjoy Being a Girl

Considering One’s Audience is Lecture #1 in Writing 101. The same goes for Public Speaking 101. But sometimes, the Audience is overrated. Case in point: 1963 Centerville Junior High School Elections The Vice Presidential Race In my only attempt to … Continue reading

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The Art of Note-Passing

by cheri sabraw When I was a 7th grader back in 1963, I remember how strict and mean some of my teachers were. There was to be NO TALKING in class; this rule meant big trouble for me, as my … Continue reading

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