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March Miscellany

by cheri Our friends Don and Donna came for an overnight visit last weekend in order that Don (a lifelong citrus nurseryman) could help the good judge to prune his 58 olive trees before they start to bud. Donna and … Continue reading

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Chapter Two

  by cheri sabraw My name is Sunny. I may be a blond, but I am not stupid. In fact, if truth be told, I’m  intuitive and understand everything humans say to me and around me. I speak English with … Continue reading

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Chapter One

  by cheri sabraw She buries her nose deep into the burlap feedbag, her velvety lips scooping up sweet molasses-dipped oats. All I can hear at this moment is the rhythmic grinding of her teeth as she satiates herself with … Continue reading

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A novel with no tension

by cheri sabraw Can a great novel be without conflict? Without an antagonist? Without growing tension? Will a reader take the hands  of a contented narrator and accommodating likable characters for 100 pages? Will pleasant conversation enjoyed on a warm … Continue reading

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Have a Curious New Year!

by cheri sabraw If I could sprinkle you with pixie dust, hastening your flight to enlightenment (I might add) and bestow upon your gentle soul one quality that will invigorate your heart and vitalize your mind, I would. Instead, I … Continue reading

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Fact-checker in the atmosphere

by Mrs. Sabraw The adventure all started the moment I reflected on an event that happened twenty years ago when I taught  Junior Honors English students at one of this country’s top public high schools. Watching the events unfold in … Continue reading

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The Audience?

by cheri sabraw Should my blog be instructional? Entertaining? Philosophic? Revealing? Biographical? Over the past seven years, I have tried to do it all. Surely, some of my loyal readers want to learn, others want to laugh, some want to … Continue reading

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Мой Девятый Класс Йоги ( My Ninth Yoga Class)

by cheri block In the yoga studio last Tuesday evening, I moved to a new location—the front row. My mindset went like this: I must displace the large Czech women who like to dominate that front row. My strategy will … Continue reading

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Meditation in Hyperborea

  by cheri block Now that it is spring break from school, I’ve had more time to relax and write. I tend to dream more when I am relaxed. What about you? This morning, I woke up, having dreamed I … Continue reading

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Queen Joan and the Cobalt Blue Mirror (8)

by cheri block Queen Joan, too, was readying herself to move, one last time. She adjusted her crown, tipping it back a bit for balance and appointment. She valued balance since her body had lost it 15 years ago in … Continue reading

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