At the University of Washington in September!


I love strong coffee and a buttery chardonnay.

I see myself as a writer, a decent photographer, and a good painter. I am now teaching myself oil painting.

I am curious and am attracted to other curious people who stimulate that curiosity in some way.

My last place of employment was at the Stanford Graduate School of Business in the Fall of 2014.  There, I co-instructed a class called Critical and Analytical Thinking, a first-year mandatory class that sought to develop better thinking and writing skills. Alas, the Class of 2015 did not like being asked to write on a weekly basis; the faculty caved and canned the five-year-old program. Boo hoo!

I finished my Master’s thesis on WG Sebald’s Austerlitz in 2014. If you have any questions about Sebald or are interested in his work, please feel free to comment on the blog. I will get back to you.

My cable television show can be accessed at www.whhs.com. It is called The Washington Hospital Experience. Just scroll to the bottom of the home page. I don’t write the script, am not allowed to ad lib, and cannot inject any humor, so in truth… The show is as dry as Melba toast.

WHHS is  missing an opportunity to do something BIG.

So, there you have it!

cheri picking olives

Our first olive harvest, November, 2015

7 Responses to About

  1. Christina Dillemuth says:

    I loved reading “Don’t go down easily” and agree it describes you to a T. I just discovered this blog while sorting through old email. I wonder how your March presentation went.
    Keep up the fighting spirit…..I feel I’m hanging on by a thread between babysitting each week in Oakland, teaching a Mill Creek,visits to Mom in Sacramento and volunteering at the Stockton Library (free tutoring). But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I don’t take naps so what would I do with spare time.
    I hope you are having time to enjoy your lovely Cambria get-away.
    Hugs and Happy Mother’s Day,

    • Ladybugg says:

      Dear Christy,
      Great to read your words on my blog! Thanks for stopping by. I don’t take naps either. Let’s schedule a lunch date and I’ll recount the evening blow by blow.
      Hugs right back at you and hugs for Fred.

  2. bogard says:

    Fantastic, and welcome, to my fellow Stanford alum and life-long friend. Hail, Stanford, Hail!! Go Cardinal!!!

  3. L Nielsen says:

    Cheri, Eric just had his first gallery show in Philadelphia and pulled together a website to show sample paintings. (His first showing ever–for sales–was at Homewood arts festival in ’99. Jimmy bought one of his works. Eric thought of that constantly as he mounted his show in Philly.)

    After Eric gave me his new web address tied to the gallery event–www.ericvannielsen.com–my mind flashed back to the web address scrawled on the envelope of your note weeks ago. Given crazy work hours, I had tucked it away… But ran to find it. Kazam! There were your beautiful pictures of the Vortex and other sites described. (AND the darling shot of those bangs.)
    I was so struck by your energy and communications ability shared with all. Eric’s paintings communicate in yet another way. And I realized what a fool I’ve been not to enjoy–and search–for good, talented-driven work like yours on the web. It’s inspiring. Thank you.–L

    • Cheri says:

      Well hello, Texan! How fun to read your newsy comment this morning. Cindy and I are together with husbands on a little trip far away from the congested Bay Area.

      We shall visit the link you have provided to look at Eric’s work. I hope your Mother’s Day was lovely. You have been a stellar mother, that’s for sure.

  4. wkkortas says:

    You, in the photo at the top of the page, bear an almost frightening resemblance to my daughter when she was that age. Like you, she always has had great hair.

  5. Cheri says:

    Interesting…I love that photo because my dad’s mother, Fanny, was on the other side of the door. She died young (57), so I never knew her.

    That I might remind you of your daughter at that age is very sweet. We all have a few physical traits that hold up throughout the years…I still have a lot of hair which, as you can guess, I now color. At some point I will wear of this process and go grey but not now.

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