The European Onion


by cheri sabraw

In psychological parlance, an onion is a metaphor for the subconscious, a place that often needs to be peeled back, layer after layer, in order to get to a problem.

In most cases, the problem has rested dormant but is set off by an external event, which then causes psychological distress.

In the case of the European Onion, the problem at its inception in 1993, began when a group of 28 countries decided to become a United States and operate one Onion to ensure for a better economy, sort of safety-in-numbers position.

One Onion Under God (No longer just the Judeo-Christian God) Indivisible, With Liberty and Justice for All (Except Hezbollah).

One big problem: Cultures are different.

Yep. The Greeks don’t think it is a big deal to go to work at 11:00 am, take a long break at lunch, and leave by 4:00. Their economy has tanked, their international debt has ballooned, but they still want a loan.

Yep. The Germans, well, they are very green, tidy, hardworking  and accommodating (NOW, not in 1939). They work hard, rat on each other’s neighbors if the neighbors leave the garbage can out too long, and have let 1.5 million Muslims into their country, many of whom hate Jews. Talk about historic irony.

Yep. The French. Actually, let’s just bypass the French.

Yep. The Brits. Now there’s a group of brave souls who recognized that signing up for a single currency would not work and now, want out of the Onion. Since the United Kingdom is the 5th largest economy in the world, the Onion is not happy with such a decision and has set up a trench, similar to those in WWI, where the Brits lost over 700,00 soldiers.

The Onion is made up of bureaucrats in Brussels who think they know what’s best for the average Hungarian, Pole, or Irishman, lumped together as if they were the same. They are globalists who want no borders, a single currency, and a kum-bah-ya feeling between all peoples, sort of a John Lennon Imagine moment. One only has to be a junior high student to know that even when most of the student body is homogenous, kids still don’t get along.

The peeling back of the Onion is in progress with tears to shed for the grand theory that really wasn’t very practical in reality.




About Cheri

Writer, photograph, artist, mother, grandmother and wife.
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18 Responses to The European Onion

  1. Chris says:

    So much on one little page. I don’t think an economist or a world leader could be as succinct or accurate as you have been; might I also add clever.

    • Cheri says:

      Thank you Chris. I’ve been thinking about this little ditty for awhile but not until this recent Brexit mess and Brussels (and frankly the German superiority response to it all) that I was able to get my thoughts into a readable short piece. Thanks for reading!

  2. Richard says:

    This is a magnificent, concise and original look at the issues and I heartiy agree with all you say.
    Watch this space. The showdown is coming. High Noon approaches.

    • Cheri says:

      Coming from an English solicitor with a wealth of experience and knowledge about Brexit and the Creeps running the EU, thank you for your generous comment.

  3. Bruce Brown says:

    Big Smile

  4. shoreacres says:

    Obviously, this is a piece that needs to be published in The Onion. Very clever, and filled with not-so-disguised truth.

  5. Carol McCann says:

    Actually this reminds me of the goings on in Washington D.C. They think that they know what’s best for us with out listening to we the people. Actually Onions and I don’t get along very well..

  6. wkkortas says:

    I am trying very, very hard to simply enjoy the phrase “Actually, let’s just bypass the French” without adding further comment.

  7. Lue Perrine says:

    Wonderful writing Cheri and concepts.
    Very daring though… It’s time for our world to face the facts huh! 👍
    Miss you! ☺️

    • Cheri says:

      Hi Lue,
      Miss you too. Can we get a date on our January calendar to meet for lunch? Or maybe you can come up and go for a walk and have lunch here. I’d like that very much.

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