New Mexico, again

IMG_2761by cheri sabraw

Every time I anticipate a journey to New Mexico, in particular, a trip to Santa Fe, I picture the unparalleled beauty of the skies. And despite the snow and rain predicted for today, the show yesterday rewarded my reverie.

I have written widely about New Mexico and my early years here as a child when my father Hugh was the Army dentist at the White Sands Proving Grounds in 1952.

Yesterday, while my husband took a class on The Brothers Karamazov at St. John’s College, recently featured in Frank Bruni’s opinion piece in the New York Times titled The Most Contrarian College in America, I and my trusty Panasonic Lumix camera hit the uneven and at times dangerous sidewalks that hash mark along the streets of downtown Santa Fe.

I walked down the Paseo de Peralta, past the cathedral, headed for the farmer’s market.


The colors in New Mexico remind the child within us that life is bright and hopeful, even when the shadows come, as they always do.



The rich and sandy adobe graciously provides contrast for man’s colorful expression.







As I always do, I headed to the square, touristy as it is, to visit Lucchese Bootmaker.


Unable to get a seat at Pasquale’s for lunch,  for the second day in a row, I head down to the Railyard, where, I understand, the farmer’s market is taking place.

On a small street outside of the tourist area, I visit some small art galleries. Here is Santa Fe, the dogs are not designer.


I continue on, wondering just how many steps I am taking. You do have to watch your step in this town.  Finally, 17,000 steps later, I arrive at the farmers market.

The people and the produce do not disappoint.



On my way home, I stop at the Owings Gallery, which features what I call Old School Art, painted by old masters, many from the Taos Group, paintings that take your breath away.

On my other blog I will write about the Taos School of Painters, but before I do, I shall post a picture painted by W.H. “Buck” Dunton (1876-1936) titled Five Broncos, painted in 1920 and for sale for $85,000.00.


Now, THIS is fine art.


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10 Responses to New Mexico, again

  1. 4brig says:

    All the photos are great. Thanks for taking us along, I love that first photo, that is NM to me. There is something about the air there that make the light special.
    I differ in opinion about the painting by “Buck”…

    • Cheri says:

      The light in New Mexican skies is special indeed which is why, I suppose, so many artists matriculated there in the early 1900’s and continue to paint there today. Tell us what you do not care for in the painting I posted.

  2. Carol McCann says:

    The pictures are great to look at. I was fascinated with the intricate boots. I would be afraid to wear a pair and scuff the art work. The picture of the horses needs more strength to represent the power that horses are known for. I looked and I saw a large white middle in the picture.. Just a personal observation.

    • Cheri says:

      Art is so subjective, isn’t it? Compared to the accuracy and intricacy of equine art today, this painting seems rough hewn. But there is an old quality to it that attempts to capture wild horses on the range with the sage. The horses eyes and bellies seem off and I do see that big white mark on the main pony.

      • Carol McCann says:

        I was looking at the painting from a composition viewpoint. We were told many years not to center the subjects in the painting. But for $85,000 who can argue.

  3. Bogard says:

    Hey Cheri,
    Thanks for a reminder of how much Butterfly Lady and I love Santa Fe. It’s just magical in so many ways. And we (me) were also so tempted in the Lucchesi store, wow. Fortunately will power set in. And happy belated Bday. The painting? Spectacular! Looking forward to AZ.

    • Cheri says:

      Yes. The boots were 3-4k! We shall explore some Scottsdale art galleries, visit the Scottsdale Artists’ School and have dinner there. Should be fun. And thanks for the Bday wishes.

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