P1110583 2by cheri sabraw

We amateur photographers take joy in the little things like the light coming through the turkeys’ wattles.


Then there are the accoutrements of a grandson studying hard at our house.


The light from air,  filled with the smoke and particulates of last month’s fires, caused our oaks to sympathetically shriek in orange tones.


A table in Vail, Colorado, calls out to us, “Have your picnic here!”


A  Labra-doodle pup surveys her new surroundings.


A race mule approaches the track at the Alameda County Fair.


On our graveyard tour in Charleston, South Carolina, the spirits glow.


Orange is a marvelous color, isn’t it?

All photography by cheri sabraw and may not be used without her permission.

About Cheri

Writer, photograph, artist, mother, grandmother and wife.
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19 Responses to Orange

  1. Jim Block says:

    Wonderful pics Cheri! I can’t tell if you are a better photographer or oil painter? Talented in both. Love you.

  2. Annie Van Es says:

    Wonderful views. I thank you very much for these. And I wish you much joy with photograph. A nice day.

  3. ShimonZ says:

    These are interesting photos; each with a special signature,and yet I’m not sure that the orange holds them together. I almost never like photos of sunrise or sunset, but this one I liked. The graveyard was a classic… and the left rear hoof of the mule was the signature there.The pup had a trace of sadness round his wise old eyes… I couldn’t help but wonder what he had already managed to see… but I didn’t see orange in that one. I think I liked the oak the best; saw the orange…

    • Cheri says:

      You are right in that the word “orange” denotes a definite and strong color. The pup is really a roan color, as is the picnic table. My next post will be another color so I will keep your observation in mind!

    • Cheri says:

      One more thing, Shimon. I LOVE that you noticed the left rear hoof of that mule. That’s why I liked the photo too.

  4. Carol McCann says:

    Orange, my favorite color —besides Thalo Blue and Thalo Green. My favorite shade of orange is Golden Gate Orange which was the color of one of our walls in our dinning area in Fremont.
    Tell me, how hard was the grandson really studying.? Hmmmm! The pictures were great.

    • Cheri says:

      I must have instinctively known that orange is your favorite color. You and my husband Ron! The grandson was reading Great Expectations. He is in sophomore honors and they made the kids read the novel over the summer. He tells me he got an A on his dialectical journal and an 86 on the objective test.

      • Carol McCann says:

        Have you read Great Expectations, yet? It is a great novel. I like the details.

        • Cheri says:

          I have not (guilty shrug). Ron is reading the Brothers Karamazov for a class he is taking in Santa Fe in October. I will go with him and lounge around and look at art, drink coffee late into the morning, and then ponder the gorgeous New Mexican skies.
          I miss you!

  5. shoreacres says:

    When I first looked at the oak trees, I thought they were madrone. The light really did transform them. I’ve never seen a picnic table constructed like the one near Vail, either. It’s creative, and very attractive. A nice group of photos you’ve offered here, including that pup.

  6. Cheri says:

    We have one madrone on our property and I view it as a fire hazard. The madrones are what contributed to such a conflagration in the Clear Lake region. Our madrone is on an area of our property that is hard to access and with some poison oak… I, too, had never seen a table like that which is why it caught my eye. Thanks for that compliment. You have a terrific photography eye. We Libras tend to see the world in a creative way. I was never good in math and told my parents incessantly my poor skills were because of my Zodiac sign…

  7. wkkortas says:

    I think I bet that race mule across the board in the Travers.

  8. Richard says:


    Will Cheri or Ron judge the clue?
    (For angelica’s green and like glue)
    That out in the west
    The sunsets are best
    So you paint them orange, not blue.

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