Equine and bovine traffic in downtown Pleasanton


Photograph by cheri sabraw all rights reserved 2018

by cheri sabraw

My horse Cricket, that feisty little Fox Trotter, left this world long ago and I never replaced her.

But today, present for the City of Pleasanton’s Second Annual “cattle drive” through this once pastoral community known as P-Town, now the home of multi-nationals and locals who commute to Silicon Valley and San Francisco, I sure wish I had.

Horsemen and women, old and young, thin and thick (mostly thick) saddled up to surround a herd of about 150 head as they made their way down Main Street, headed for corrals and the opening of the 2018 Alameda County Fair.

We staked our spot far from Main Street on a side street at the beginning of the route.

P1110278Fine looking Quarter horses and some draft horses pulling dignitaries led the parade, followed by the Mounted Police and Auxiliary Units.


When 150 longhorn head of cattle exited their corral, well, you don’t stop the progression of such beasts, well, you herd ’em!

Australian Cattle Dogs, Heelers, and Border Collies joined in the job.




What I love about this Second Annual Cattle Drive, a nod to Pleasanton’s rural roots, is that it happened. No lawyers or squeamish city council people nixed this country show through city streets citing “someone could get hurt” or “manure is disgusting” or “it will create traffic jams on a Friday commute day.”   Yippee!

Oh, the Sons of the Pioneers would have loved this day.


Photography by cheri sabraw all rights reserved 2018


Nathan and I headed home.

When I arrived at the Rancho, did I have a story to tell the locals.

“Hay, Guys…you really missed out today. Oh, I know you’ve been swatting flies, ripping grass and well…I can’t mention that on a G-Rated blog, but your brethren stole the show.


photography by cheri sabraw all rights reserved

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Writer, artist, cable television host, grandmother to four!
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14 Responses to Equine and bovine traffic in downtown Pleasanton

  1. Annie Van Es says:

    Wonderful to see. Past times do revive.

    • Cheri says:

      Hi Annie,
      How lovely to have you commenting on the blog and especially the photography. Your name was familiar but I didn’t know from where. I read about you and your late husband. It’s an honor to have you here.

  2. Chris says:

    Love it wish I was there

  3. Brig says:

    Wow, thanks for the great photos.

    • Cheri says:

      Hi Brig,
      Coming from my horse-lovin’ friend, your comment means so much. I loved several of these shots. The one of the women from the back with all the horns is one and the one of the cattle from the side with the same color horse…you know how it goes. Shoot 50 pictures and maybe 2 are special. I rode in one parade with Cricket. She was a big brat and that was the last time I ever did it.

  4. shoreacres says:

    What a fun day, and such great photos. It reminds me of the trail rides coming into Houston for the Livestock Show and Rodeo — and, in a more serious vein, photos of the real cowboys herding real cattle away from the Brazos River flooding last year. Their skills are exceptional — I’m glad Pleasanton agreed to promote them.

    • Cheri says:

      You are so right. Most people have no idea how difficult keeping cattle in place. I was not prepared for the fact that the cattle would be completely surrounded by horsemen. I guess that was prudent considering how close the general public was allowed to get. I had to scoop up my grandson and move him back 5 feet when a big old horse came off the median. I cannot wait to get to the fair with my camera all by myself.

  5. ShimonZ says:

    A wonderful celebration of nature and life. May this continues for as long as folks live on the planet. Being able to build skyscrapers does not make all the infinite expressions of life redundant. And I loved the photos.

  6. Lue Perrine says:

    Great photos Cheri! Thanks for sharing!
    It must have been exciting to see a cattle drive in downtown Pleasanton.
    I love it! 🤠

  7. wkkortas says:

    “OK, horses are great, we get it. Don’t make us stampede, lady.”

  8. Cheri says:

    and the fair just started. Be ready! I’m heading to the races on Friday, back next week for agriculture and back to the races. With me, aside from my wallet, will be my camera. Yeeeee hawwwwww, pardner! I’m even doing my morning stretches to Sons of the Pioneers. Go ghost herd!

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