More luscious landscapes

by cheri sabraw

The landscape often dictates where we choose to live or travel.

I live next to a comforting mountain dotted with stately oaks. Oak trees represent strength and stability to me. On our property a tiny creek bubbles, dropping several feet over rocks smoothed by time. Mountains and rivers are where I feel most secure and peaceful.

Especially during work or stress, our imaginations often take us to places where a dramatic view of Nature returns us to peace or to emotion, soothing us with a continuum of meaning beyond the five senses. Our appetite for those scenes that  bring either exhilaration or comfort, curiosity or serenity, can evoke strong almost hypnotic magnetism.

Landscape photography or painting or both takes us to that world.

Consider this lovely landscape photo sent by bogard, not only one of my readers, but also one of my dearest friends from childhood, now far away living in the South.


This is a stunning photo shot from the Ranchland Trail in Cambria, California. The ice plants’ lipstick seems to kiss the ocean! If you look far out to the mountains, you can see Hearst Castle on the ridge.

Lue sent this dandy of a photo taken at Niner Winery in Paso Robles. Perfect photo to send in light of Valentine’s Day approaching.


Lue’s husband John is photographer extraordinaire.

c68d9e29467153.55f472898aaebWhat an amazing piece of photography John!  The soft forest floor, sheltered by the largest living witnesses on earth, beckons the lone wanderer to lie down and rest in all-encompassing security.


John captures the nobility of the individual as she tracks toward a misty future. The choir of tall trees reassures her that the way forward is safe.

IMG_0710My photo taken last week reminds us that despite the heat of the atmosphere, the dryness of the rocks and prickly plants, we earthlings still worship the sun.


About Cheri

Writer, photograph, artist, mother, grandmother and wife.
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9 Responses to More luscious landscapes

  1. perrineduo says:

    Nice! Cool words too.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Chris says:

    Your opening thoughts are as rich and luscious as the photos you shared – they also help us to recapture beautiful memories and experiences. Enjoyed the pictures of Cambria, Paso Robles, and the Sequoia National Park. Brought back wonderful memories of our fall trip to Clalifornia.

  3. Richard says:

    John’s second photo gripped me straight away. Why this should be I don’t really know.

    • Cheri says:

      Only you can answer why…I loved the first one.

      • Richard says:

        Do you hold that Art is merely a subjective experience?

        First impressions are never rational but they stick. On quiet reflection, I suppose one might say John’s second captures a moment in the journey through life, emphasised by the central placing of the figure, and contemplates mysteries ahead and in the heights. But all that would be pretentious. I’ll leave it at my first comment.

        Mature consideration brings your photo up to level pegging with its deep, unspoken significance. The reverence of nature for the source of all things.

  4. Lue Perrine says:

    Beautiful pic Cheri of the saguaro cactus! A true monarch of the Sonoran Desert! Wish we had them in California. Very beautiful visual imagery of your literary text for the photographs that only a creative and passionate heart could produce! You have such a wonderful gift.ƸӜƷ (Thanks for sharing John’s pics & for the nice compliment you gave him!)

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