Snow on September 15?


My first purchase: a wool hat

by cheri

On Tuesday last the temperature was 85 degrees. We turned the noisy AC on in our room.


Paradise Valley, Livingston, Montana on a grey hazy day

On Thursday last the temperature plummeted to 32 degrees; we found ourselves looking for soup and crackers in Livingston, Montana.


A study in greys in Livingston, Montana

Akin to Texas weather, Montana’s (evidently…) can change like a high school girl’s latest crush.

On our way to Southern Idaho, we headed out through small towns like Twin Bridges and Dillon.

I took a picture for our good friends from high school, the Dillons.




Should I have my boots repaired or hit the lounge?

Then, the driving became serious and long. The terrain–sagebrush, sagebrush and sagebrush took me back, once again, to those brave souls who forged the West and traveled here on horseback. Invariably, when traveling in Montana, Idaho, Oregon and Washington, you cannot help but think of the Corps of Discovery.

Here is Beaverhead Rock, where upon seeing it as Sacagawea traveled with Lewis and Clark, she remembered it as a summer childhood home and reunited with her brother, the chief of the Shoshone, who then helped the Corps of  Discovery. This fact, in itself, has to be one of the most serendipitous moments in the entire story!


Beaverhead Rock


Naples yellow, burnt sienna, and sap green


We have now reached a place which reminds us (unfortunately) of the PC California lifestyle: Ketchum, Idaho.

Don’t get me wrong: the surroundings are stunning! But I will have to look through the spandex to see the trees.

I do plan to see Ernest Hemingway’s grave (and his 4th wife, Mary’s, as well) and conclude the lazy day by wandering the downtown and watching all of the beautiful people.

About Cheri

Writer, artist, cable television host, grandmother to four!
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14 Responses to Snow on September 15?

  1. ccsaw1 says:

    I want to move to Livingston. Where the river runs through it.

  2. Miles and m,iles and miles and miles. (nice pics. Maybe some paintings?)

    • Cheri says:

      Hi Aunt Kayti,
      I have been disappointed in my photographs. The skies have been smoky and grey. I know that is no excuse but I have maybe 3-4 photos that might make interesting paintings. Hope you are doing OK. I love you.

  3. shoreacres says:

    I’m smiling at your edit. I was so proud of myself this morning that when I read that “she” saw the mountain, I knew who she was. I’m thrilled to see the snow and rain in the state, too. I know — it’s not the best for vacationers. But I have friends who’ve been too close for comfort to two of the fires, and of course there have been so many others — not to mention the forest, which have suffered, too.

    Cute cap, though. And the answer to your question is obvious. You should stop by the lounge and wait there while your boots are getting repaired.

  4. Brig says:

    Your fun to travel with, and you take great photos. You can leave me by the closest trout stream while you guys rub elbows with the more money than sense crowd, the glare off the silicone is more than I can take.

  5. Richard says:

    Imagine! You are away from the moderating influence of the ocean on your weather. Interesting symbols on your new hat.

    Americans must be geniuses to read and absorb all those roadside signs together as they flash by. What is a Studio Repair and a …… 1554 Lounge? I am trying to familiarise myself with the American language.

    Staggering scenery again and a sobering reminder of Lewis and Clark’s great mission.

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