Saturday poetry for the bored

by cheri

On Texting:

I’d rather talk on the phone than text,

for reasons you might fully expect.

I’m human with feelings and eyes,

my language, expressive, such that I’s

certain to use the wrong word,

thus rendering our conversation absurd.


On Yellow Labradors:

My rugs went to the doctor for cleaning,

Leaving the hardwood exposed to the preening

of licking and scratching, of flicking and latching

onto it hundreds of yellow hairs, dropping and plopping,

Until I in a fit of vacuuming rage, I scream out “Stop”

shedding you miserable hairy, to which the hairs

said, “Let go, Miss Cheri.”


On Barn Owls:

Alone in my house late at night, I

hear the sound of the barn owls in flight.

A grating, a satiating,  a Natural restating

of the obvious–a waiting

for meaning in a world

as shocking

as the talons

that pierce the rat’s head

in the night.




About Cheri

Writer, photograph, artist, mother, grandmother and wife.
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14 Responses to Saturday poetry for the bored

  1. Muni Barash says:

    Nice owl! >

  2. Cheri says:

    Thank you, Muni. Very kind of you to say so.

  3. shoreacres says:

    I laughed at the first two, and quivered just a bit at the ending of the third. But the painting of the owl is immensely appealing. It seems to be in process, and I suspect it will only improve. And it’s clear you love that yellow lab, despite it all.

    No boredom here. After a fairly placid afternoon, we’ve got multiple tornadoes and a flash flood emergency — only the second ever issued. Four to six inches of rain an hour, etc. Lots of flooding, and worse to come overnight. Want to see some amazing lightning? Look at the first video in this thread. Goodness me!

    • Cheri says:

      Thanks for reading my poetry. The ending of the third reminds me of the poetry of Stephen Crane. I taught his work over the years: I suppose his endings stuck with my aging brain.

      There is nothing like the lightning in the South. Thank you for the link.

  4. Richard says:

    It is Sunday here and I have breached the precondition of these verses. But I don’t care! They are packed with interest and enough to shake a jelly dessert out of its boredom.

    Texting gives the impression of time being too short to bother about disturbing the recipient, who is obliged to reply immediately. It’s all a myth and an excuse to be superficial, inhuman and unfeeling.
    Idris was an old British drinks company taken over by BritVic. It advertised in cinemas wth the Slogan Idris when I’s Dri, ultimately deemed non-PC.

    I don’t believe the NHS accepts rugs for cleaning, even for beloved Dinahs. I could always try, though. The NHS slogan is free at the point of delivery … Hence it is in dire financial straits despite the largesse of the taxpayer.

    OO-OO-OO, yes! The barn owl waits still and wise for the quick, silent, bloody, lethal swoop – delivering the fate of the bored. I have the uneasy feeling I might be on his menu. Everything comes to him who waits. I must keep busy.

    • Cheri says:

      I absolutely LOVE your take on “waiting.” Talk about a laugh-out-loud moment.

      I am pleased to read that you may have eaten a jelly dessert as your spartan diet often makes me feel guilty from afar.

      Especially when Glenys writes about “lemon curd without sugar.”

      Ron refuses to text (good for him). He comes into the mediation room and attorneys tell him they didn’t hear back from their texts. Can you imagine how many texts he would receive?

  5. Christopher says:

    I love these poems. They show how unadorned poems can get directly to the truth or to the point of something in a way that prose usually doesn’t.

  6. Brig says:

    Awe, I don’t like texting, and the fact that I can’t hear or see the other person’s inflections.
    What an interesting painting, our barn owls are deadly, but much lighter colored ( a dark cream) than yours.

    • Cheri says:

      I don’t text quickly and often wait until I return home to use my keyboard to reply on email. When I see how fast these kids text, I am amazed!

      I took some artistic license with the owl’s face. Ours, too have, white faces and shoulders but their body feathers are almost as dark. The painting is not done yet. The forest on the left of the owl box is yet to be finished and the feathering on the wings is not done. I paint in layers, so several layers left to go.

  7. wkkortas says:

    I love these all, especially the “On Yellow Labradors”, which perfectly encapsulates the necessary live-and-let-live outlook one needs when dealing with the relationship between dog and furnishings.

    • Cheri says:

      Thank you, wk. I am working on your zen statement. Today, when I went to yoga, my black yoga pants “somehow” attracted yellow dog hair. I figured there in the studio named “OM” it was a good time to heed your words.

  8. Chris says:

    I love the painting of the owl.

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