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Saturday poetry for the bored

by cheri On Texting: I’d rather talk on the phone than text, for reasons you might fully expect. I’m human with feelings and eyes, my language, expressive, such that I’s certain to use the wrong word, thus rendering our conversation … Continue reading



by cheri block I am trying as mightily as a yoga master to stay in the present moment. It’s hard when your inconsiderate neighbor’s yappy dog continues to bark. Bark. Bark, Bark. Pause. Motorized vehicle. Pitched irritated bark. Another motorized … Continue reading

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Our owlets

by cheri sabraw I called Irv the other day. Irv, we are being overrun with rodents! I know I was the Pied Piper of Mission San Jose High School, but the rats, mice, vols, and gophers have taken my reputation … Continue reading

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