Release your “kid” inside!

by cheri

One of the secrets to living a zesty life is to remember what you loved when you were a kid.

When paying attention to that “kid” buried in work, adult responsibilities, or sappy nostalgia, you may find that she or he  will come to the surface of your emotions. Suddenly, any doldrums you may feel about the state of the world, the state of the state, or your state of mind will vanish.

In my case, horses remind me of good times.

I carry my camera in my car, hoping for a glimpse of my friends the Clydesdales who, along with a small group of other horses, graze eighty acres on several hillsides that look down on Interstate 680.

Now that the grass is green and my carrots/sugar/apples are not a draw, the little herd has not been down to the old metal corral the owners have in order to catch the horses, and as I learned on Saturday, to water them.

I had groceries in the car and things to do at home which required time.


On my way home, there at the top of the hill were my friends! I had to stop.


OK. The guy on the motorbike is over there. What happened to an old-fashioned round-up?


We are NOT coming down you mechanical monster.


Can we make up our minds?

You can see my big friend, let’s call him Clyde, with his ears pinned back. The other big draft horse is behind him with a roan Clydesdale following up.


OK. We give up. We ARE thirsty. And look who is there with her camera? It’s Cheri!


Easy does it.


There’s the old cowboys who own the herd. Hey Cheri, you want to go to the Rowell Ranch Rodeo this month? Sorry guys, I will be away that weekend.


Geez! That water tastes so delicious!


Cheri, you need to come back with your camera when we are not in the corral or when you are not all dressed up. Cute sandals, btw. Sorry this bar is blocking your photo but, as usual, we are putting our best noses forward.


There we go. Now give me a little kiss.

Jim helped me navigate over the wire fence with out getting a barb stuck in my pants and up the road I drove with melted frozen foods.

What is it that you did in your childhood that would reawaken your “kid” inside?

About Cheri

Writer, artist, cable television host, grandmother to four!
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16 Responses to Release your “kid” inside!

  1. Cyberquill says:

    Dressing up as an (American) Indian again would reawaken the kid in me. Of course, I wouldn’t do that anymore, knowing now — which I didn’t know then — that this is cultural appropriation.

    • Cheri says:

      I’d recommend dressing up as a cowboy. Of course, the Bush administration is over. Here in Arizona Indians refer to themselves as Indians and have pow wows. In California, Indians are called Native Americans. Who came with that?

      • Cyberquill says:

        Those two old cowboys that own the herd look like Indians dressed up as cowboys. But that’s OK. When a marginalized group does it, it’s not cultural appropriation but merely a form of adaptation to the dominant culture. (Something I read.)

  2. Susan says:

    Well, yet again, you made me smile and refocus after a week . . . a very long week . . . in Atlanta on business.

  3. Brig says:

    Riding like the wind bareback across the meadows of my mind…

  4. Richard says:

    … climbing trees in the local woods, tearing my limbs on brambles to get into fields full of horses and running away from scary old men.

  5. shoreacres says:

    Honestly? I’m not sure I need to awaken my inside-kid. It might be good if I could get her down for a nap now and then.

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