There is balm in Gilead



Raven at the Grand Canyon, photo by c. sabraw, 2016


by the Maven

Once upon a morning, grimly, while I stretched, stiff and dimly,

Over plenty a  cushioned yoga mat of yore,

While I extended, deeply fetching, suddenly there came a kvetching,

As of someone gently etching, etching at my blogging door.

“Tis a reader,” I uttered, “etching at my blogging door–

Quoth the Maven: Only this! I hope for more.”




Deep into my conscious seering, long I sat there, pondering, gearing,

Pledging, dreaming dreams no writer ever dared to dream before;

The blank screen was unbroken, writer’s block advanced its token,

And the only word there written was the hidden word, ” Explore?”

This I vowed completely; thus my ego murmured neatly, ” Explore!”

Quoth the Maven: All of it and  more!



Snow at the Rancho 2009

Then, I knew, the air grew sweeter, made so by so many readers

whose comments twinkled with wit  and thought galore.

“Thank-you,” I crooned, “thy Patience has lent thee–by angels she has sent thee

Curiosity–curiosity and intention from my memories of Explore;

Salute, oh salute this moment when we  rejoice this Explore!

Quote the Maven, ” Labrador!”



To my readers  around the world  who are sitting, still committing,

On the pallid bust of Dinah, just outside my patio door;

Your eyes have all the gleaming of such intellect that’s streaming,

And the “Likes” and off-blog emails that slam my heart onto the floor;

And your comments sometimes steaming though not always ones redeeming

And my soul from Notes Around that pines for more and more,

Is lifted–Heretofore!




This holiday season, I want to thank you for taking an interest in my writing for so many years.

Thank you for your comments to me personally or in the public space known as Notes from Around the Block.

Special thanks to the following individuals:

Kayti, Richard, Christopher, Brighid, Paul, W.K. Kortas, Ben S., Cindy, Linda L., Jimmie B., Jim L.,Peter G., Sharon, Susie, Susan from N.C., Hizzoner, Ken G., Linda B., Muni, Tyler B., dafna, Judy, Gary, Tom, Pamilabear, Joyce, Ines, Bruce, Chris V., Chris M., Tiffany L., Jan (my cuz), Janet J., Sara, Dan O., Tom S., Yang Ho, Greg L., Richard H., and Andreas.










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Writer, photograph, artist, mother, grandmother and wife.
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9 Responses to There is balm in Gilead

  1. Richard says:

    Thank you for all the precious years of entertainment and education you have given here, the opening of vistas and sheer fun, let alone the opportunity you have provided to meet all the personalities who are drawn, somehow, to this place. Thank you for all your thoughtful and kindly replies to my comments, which I scarcely deserved but lapped up nevertheless. Thank you for making me feel special, along with all those others who feel the same. You truly are a phenomenon.

    And now you show a side we are rarely privileged to witness: your inspiration directly revealed in your mimicry of Poe’s masterpiece. It is the spirit of the poet that informs us all.

    All good wishes at this ancient festival. May you blog forever: you have much more to say.

  2. Sharon says:

    Happy Hanukkah and blogging more, in 2017❤

  3. imagenmots says:

    And a nod to Chaery Fayrie.

  4. shoreacres says:

    “Quoth the maven, ‘Labrador'” has to be one of the best lines written this year, by anyone. As for the maven’s last cry, we hope for more, too: more wit, more insight, more good humor, more rants and rages. It’s fun to follow someone who does explore, and who’s willing to go where few have gone before.

    • Cheri says:

      Well, thank you, Linda. As a writer, you know that many word combinations just pop into a brain. I wish I could say that I ruminated about “Quoth the Maven, Labrador!”
      Rather, I just looked to my right at the muzzle on my knee, hoping for a crumb of toast, and voila! the phrase appeared for use like the little two-word answers that floated up on those crystal balls of the 50’s.

  5. wkkortas says:

    You were one of the first to take an interest in my scribbling, and I am grateful for that now as I was then.

    As always, L’Chaim! To life!

    • Cheri says:

      Thank you, w.k.
      I am pleased that WordPress also saw your poetic genius and rewarded it with Freshly Pressed. Very nice.
      And, well, yes L’Chaim!

  6. Brig says:

    Thank you for all your great pieces, and encouraging ways…

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