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Mrs. Dalloway revisited

by cheri After visiting the Westminster, St. James’ Park, and the Piccadilly areas of London in June, I felt that I simply must reread Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway.   And so I am rereading. What a brilliant work of literature! … Continue reading

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Go out and do it!

by cheri My grandfather Harry told me one time, “Cheri, the secret to life is to get up and get out.” Pretty good advice from a 92-year who continued to stay as active as he could until the last two … Continue reading

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Security Sisters

by cheri I remember when Charles Schultz suggested that  security was “a thumb and a blanket.” For me, security is still closely related to touch and sound. Things soft–my lambs wool robe, downy slippers, Italian cotton blouses, and silk pillowcases. … Continue reading

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The Other Half-Circle of Hell

by cheri Someone stole one of my blue ceramic pots from a small arched alcove up by our gate. To take the pot, the thief had to wriggle it  through Spanish iron. This is the second theft I have experienced … Continue reading

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The Library Project

by cheri sabraw Today, many of us  still maintain and adore our libraries full of  hard-bound and paperback books,  testaments to classes we have taken,  reminders of our deep and abiding interests and loves, literary tickets to those unspoken desires … Continue reading

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