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The Gym

by cheri It has been 10 months since I entered a space wholly unfamiliar to me. A space where iron clanks. I can now do ten push-ups. My biceps I can see. My triceps are another story, still hidden by … Continue reading

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Where we find ourselves, 2016

by cheri block sabraw My great-grandparents came to the United States from several places—Lithuania and Germany. They came in the late 19th century to New Orleans, Louisiana, and through Ellis Island, New York. They came, as I have been told, … Continue reading

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Lively London

by cheri We had it easy last week, settling into a comfortable seat, sipping a glass of rose wine, while experiencing the Eurostar train descend from daylight into  darkness. We had left Fraaaance and had come to conquer London—seat of … Continue reading

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Petula Clark?

by cheri I was so hoping to regale you with my report of Prime Minister Cameron’s answers to questions he fielded yesterday at 1:00 pm in the House of Commons. We just missed securing a seat in the gallery after … Continue reading

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A Tartuffian Enterprise

by cheri Moliere’s 17th-century comedy Tartuffe is about the character Tartuffe who ensconces himself into Orgon’s house as a deeply religious man and then seduces Orgon’s wife, Elmire. Since its first stage debut in 1664, the word tartuffe has come … Continue reading

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