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My first shooting lesson

by cheri I burned all of the muscle energy allotted to a 105-pounder after my first lesson with Paul at the indoor gun range today. Holding the small 20-gauge shotgun out in front of me, rotating it to the side, … Continue reading

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I love Flipboard!

by cheri Today, I just couldn’t decide which article to read: how about ” Five Gadgets that Can Help You Relax” or  “How to Deep Condition Hair with Olive Oil” ?  Maybe I should sip my dark roast while reading … Continue reading

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Security chicks

by cheri     We’ve all made our nests in the wrong trees. Before we could even tuck that last piece of dental floss or sphagnum moss into our chosen abode, our decision to locate in a particular apartment or … Continue reading

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Are you ready for burglars at your home?

by cheri I miss my deceased Rottweilers, Elsa and Udo, who both passed into guard-dog eternity nine years ago and are buried across the creek.  Especially after last night. Udo looked as if a cast-iron skillet had hit him squarely … Continue reading

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The textures of Chicago

Life is texture. We might see it if we look. Soft, nubby, smooth, coarse, mottled, velvety, wet. Texture abounds all around. Sometimes, you find yourself in a place that feels cold. When under ice, you might commune with those people … Continue reading

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