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“Write without fear, and…

put down on your paper what you think, without thinking of what you must say, and your letters will be most acceptable,” wrote Louisa Adams, wife of former president John Quincy Adams, in 1821. This growing confidence in her keen … Continue reading

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Vergara v. California

by Ms. Cheri Sabraw Today, the Second District Court of Appeal  sided with all incompetent teachers, those backed  by one of the most powerful organizations in California, the California Teachers’ Association, a union that believes the rights of its teachers … Continue reading

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” Heartaches! Nothing but Heartaches!” *

A continuation of the blog post titled Living in a Stepford Community by cheri sabraw The Rules of Engagement that govern the Stepford Community’s voluntary e-mail group are more extensive than Robert’s Rules of Order. At this writing, I have … Continue reading

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Fight or flight?

by cheri sabraw After killing a rattlesnake outside my garage today, I am grateful for my  fully-functioning nervous system, complete with flight of fight response, pounding heart rate, and acute survival instinct. I’m not low energy—that’s for sure. I’m sure … Continue reading

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Living in a Stepford community

    by cheri sabraw I live on a piece of property where, through the grace of the God of PIP ( Psychological Insulating Protection), I have a four-acre  buffer zone from the sometimes crass and inane behavior of others … Continue reading

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