Dapper Dan

P1030749photos and words by cheri sabraw

I love to be in the presence of a guy who feels comfortable with himself, with his feathers, with his direction in life, and most of all, with his point of view.

A guy who flies to the top of his world, albeit humble,  and calls out for all  to hear,  “Chi-ca-go, Chi-ca-go.”



I love a guy who then sits back ,with a jaunty turn of the head and a feather in his hat, content with his song, his style, his manhood.


If only he wouldn’t finish my sentences, he’d be perfect.





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Writer, photograph, artist, mother, grandmother and wife.
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10 Responses to Dapper Dan

  1. Yang Ho says:

    That’s a funny-looking bird. Do you know what that bird is called?

    • Cheri says:

      Hi Yang,
      Yes. I do. That bird is a Gambel’s quail, native to the deserts. This fellow is all puffed up. They are a delightful bird to watch…quite vociferous.

  2. So cute and so true; but how do we train them?

  3. shoreacres says:

    If Dan Quayle had been this cute (and this eloquent) his career might have gone differently. Great photos of both species.

  4. Richard says:

    I’d keep well away from him, if I were you. He looks a real con-man to me. Up to the nesk in debt and no two cents to rub together. He can’t look you in the eye, that’s his trouble.

  5. Brighid says:

    Great photos. I’ve always loved the Gambels, that quirky top knot, and such attitude!

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