Quoth the raven: Forever more!


photography and words by cheri sabraw

Being in the company of Beauty is best savored with someone special or alone.

Feasting your eyes upon the wonder of Nature and absorbing the sounds associated with it are almost impossible to partake these days, unless you arise early before the masses finish their waffles.

The last time I visited the Grand Canyon occurred seven years ago on a snowy January day, a shivery-stark-white-day, so frigid at 7000 feet elevation that only brave souls  made the trip up from Flagstaff.  I felt I had been anointed! What had I done (or not done) to flatter the Travel Gods so that I might experience such a magnificent moment in silence?

On the South Rim that day, standing in the shadow of the historic El Tovar Hotel, we counted maybe 10 people. How special is this? I remember thinking.

Seven years older since our last journey to the rim of one of the most spectacular natural wonders  eyes might ever see in one lifetime, we returned.

Although more people were in the park, we managed to find some quiet ledges to once again gaze out over the billions of years of the handiwork of wind, water, fire, and pressure.




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20 Responses to Quoth the raven: Forever more!

  1. cpartner@comcast.net says:


  2. potsoc says:

    WE went to the Canyon some years ago. The Park, of course was nice…but too many people and much too civilized. The next day, we went to the Hualapai reservation. There, we saw the canyon in a quasi religious experience. If we ever go back, the Hualapai rim will be our destination again. No fancy frills, horrible road but what a sight.

    • Cheri says:

      Hi Paul, Did you know the Hualapai Tribe has built a Skywalk over the Canyon. So, they are now in the Canyon business. We thought about driving to take a walk out over the grand ditch but learned it is 5 hours from the South Rim. Google it!

      • potsoc says:

        I have seen the skywalk but not walked on it, Thérèse was too afraid. While we were there, we learned that they were having problems with the Chinese firm that had designed and built it, something about differences. royalties.
        We went first to the Park by bus from Vegas; the next day we took another bus trip to the Hualapai’s after learning about their place from a visitor on the bus to the Park.

  3. Christopher says:

    To visit the Grand Canyon is, as you imply, very very special.

    I, myself, have visit it twice. The first time was in the Fall of 1968, when, on my 24th birthday, I hiked halfway down to the bottom, then back up again. I still remember how exhausted I was when, in the very late afternoon, I finally clambered back up on the rim.

    Whatever became of that 24 year-old young man? I still often ask myself………

    • Cheri says:

      I’m terribly impressed that you hiked half way down! And then climbed back up. I aspire to that experience…Seven years ago, we were all set to ride the burros down to the bottom. When we arrived at Bright Angel Lodge the night before the ride, they said no one over 200 lbs could go (and I agreed). My husband stood on the scale and lo and behold, he weighed 200 lbs! They suggested he forgo the dinner we had reservations for and all alcoholic libation in order to “make weight.” He said no.

      What has become of all of our 24 year-old-selves? We are old but never too old to keep experiencing life.

  4. shoreacres says:

    The photos are lovely, and your words strike home, but what has me grinning is your top photo and your title. I have a photo of a grackel in my files that I took two weekends ago, and a post in mind. The working title of the post (now changed) was: “Quoth the Grackel: Evermore.” Great minds, thinking alike. (Even with the title change, the grackel still will show up, so you’ll be able to see him.)

    • Cheri says:

      Ha!! I will look forward to your post with your grackel. These ravens were enormous…twice as big as any crow. We also saw California Condors but they were deep in the canyon (yet we could still see their wing spans…) What a joy to know they are making a comeback there.

  5. The Canyon is forever spectacular. My first visit was in 1966 and the sight of eagles flying BELOW me was enchanting. We visited both sides a number of times through the years and it never fails to move me.

  6. Cheri says:

    We took Ron’s mother for her 88th birthday. At 7000 feet, she was somewhat winded! Seeing the Grand Canyon again made all of the arrangements, etc. quite worth the effort.

  7. Christopher says:

    There’s a news item from *just this morning* about efforts by the private sector to get government approval for commercial and mining development that – in the view of environmentalists – would ruin all that’s good about the Grand Canyon.

    The would-be developers are being kept at bay for now. But, just wait until The Donald – a developer par excellence – enters the Oval Office. He’ll fix things. You’ll see!!!

  8. Cheri says:

    Why would I believe a news story from the Guardian? Or the New York Times? Or even the Wall Street Journal? 😉

    • potsoc says:

      I guess trust in our media has fallen into the Canyon. But I don’t trust ” the Donald ” even more.

      • Cheri says:

        I am not getting sucked into a political discussion with two Canadians! You have your own problems with your newly elected boy king who, I see, likes to play with our little boy here.

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