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Spring in the desert

by cheri The Palo Verde tree sheds her love, A sprig of green and a resting dove. The prickly pear sprouts new quills, The clouds float through while  remaining still. The sun misbehaves at the end of the day, Mottling … Continue reading

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Chapter Two

  by cheri sabraw My name is Sunny. I may be a blond, but I am not stupid. In fact, if truth be told, I’m  intuitive and understand everything humans say to me and around me. I speak English with … Continue reading

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Dapper Dan

photos and words by cheri sabraw I love to be in the presence of a guy who feels comfortable with himself, with his feathers, with his direction in life, and most of all, with his point of view. A guy … Continue reading

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Chapter One

  by cheri sabraw She buries her nose deep into the burlap feedbag, her velvety lips scooping up sweet molasses-dipped oats. All I can hear at this moment is the rhythmic grinding of her teeth as she satiates herself with … Continue reading

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Quoth the raven: Forever more!

photography and words by cheri sabraw Being in the company of Beauty is best savored with someone special or alone. Feasting your eyes upon the wonder of Nature and absorbing the sounds associated with it are almost impossible to partake … Continue reading

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A novel with no tension

by cheri sabraw Can a great novel be without conflict? Without an antagonist? Without growing tension? Will a reader take the hands  of a contented narrator and accommodating likable characters for 100 pages? Will pleasant conversation enjoyed on a warm … Continue reading

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