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Have a Curious New Year!

by cheri sabraw If I could sprinkle you with pixie dust, hastening your flight to enlightenment (I might add) and bestow upon your gentle soul one quality that will invigorate your heart and vitalize your mind, I would. Instead, I … Continue reading

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Beauty in the Sonoran Desert

by cheri sabraw Season’s Greetings from the Sonoran Desert! This Anna’s Hummingbird visited my feeder today. His name is Harry. Harry is pure beauty– a symphony, a unity of color and balance, petite proportion and aesthetic gorgeousness. May your drinks … Continue reading

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What is aesthetic beauty?

by cheri sabraw This photograph of a single California Brown pelican floating in the silvery-grey Pacific Ocean is not cropped or enhanced. It represents a real moment in time in the life of a solitary seabird who is resting from   … Continue reading

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