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Shall we all get in better shape?

by cheri You will forgive me. Although I have not taught since the fall of 2014, teaching for me is an involuntary reflex. I’ve just returned from my cardio-exercise in preparation for my first training session tomorrow. I’ve been trying … Continue reading

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To the gym, I go

by cheri Today I am beginning a weight-training regimen down at a small gym at the bottom of my road. This first-time experience will go undocumented by pictures. I’m in my sixties and although I look somewhat fit, I’m not. … Continue reading

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Mr. Holmes and Me

by cheri sabraw I arrived home last night at 9:30 pm after taking in the film Mr. Holmes, the story of Sherlock Holmes’ final years in Sussex, England, where he struggled with memory loss as he tried (successfully as we … Continue reading

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My favorite (dwarf) planet is Pluto

by cheri block The bright spot in this week’s news, brighter the prospects of a nuclear agreement with an untrustworthy country, and more luminescent than the prospects of a third ginormous loan for Greece, is the picture of Pluto and … Continue reading

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Hobby Farmers’ Assault: Our Olive Update

by cheri arbequina sabraw Last month, we learned from our host Umberto at La Chiusa in Montefollonico, Italy that the olive fruit fly, too, had obliterated his entire harvest last year. In fact, the fly had stung most of the … Continue reading

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The Moral Inversion in Europe

by Mrs. Sabraw Using the negative to express the positive has been around for more than twenty years. Hey, Mrs. Sabraw, that book you assigned, you know, the Winter of our Discontent, well, that book is so bad.  Gosh, I’m … Continue reading

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