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Montefollonico, Tuscany, Italy

  by cheri sabraw In Italy this time of year–when the fields boast their fertility, when the grape vine tendrils twirl and pirouette  above their training wires like ballet dancers, when olive trees explode with star-shaped mini-buds sure to produce … Continue reading

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San Gimignano

by cheri sabraw Originally an Etruscan town, San Gimignano, about an hour from Florence in the stunning hill country of Tuscany, is known for its many towers, most of which originate from the 12th and 13th centuries. There are twelve still … Continue reading

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Along for the ride

by cheri sabraw   Today in San Gimignano, an old woman dressed in blue caught my eye. Her nylon stockings, pumps, and oversized purse all stylized her in an elegant fashion as she rested before heading down the tile street. … Continue reading

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Morning melodrama

by cheri sabraw My heart is beating but my pace is offline. I should be in the shower, the hot water pounding my  muscles into leaner and friskier flesh not unlike tenderizing a brisket. My coffee is ice cold; the … Continue reading

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The Kentucky Derby

by cheri sabraw Today in Louisville, Kentucky, the bell will scream and twenty thoroughbreds will free themselves in stunning locomotion from their forced imprisionment in the steel rectangle of the starting gate. Their chests and forelegs will lurch forward, powered … Continue reading

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