Was I in a vortex?

IMG_2617 by cheri

I’ve written about red rocks  here and here on my blog.

In those travelblogs I reflected on the red rock castles, bells, chimneys, and stunning buttes here in the American Southwest. Those entries, descriptive, and at times, melodic, emanated from my own mind without the help of anything artificial.

It must have been Sedona’s famous vortices  or vortexes (debate ensues) that electrically beckoned me from a restless sleep at 5:30 am this morning and then compelled me, nay, magnetized me, to blindly put on Nike walking shoes, purple striped yoga pants, and a Stanford tee-shirt, finally swirling me out the front door of my friend’s house without caffeine.

Is this what they meant in 1987 by harmonic convergence?

My location, if you choose to follow the link, was across the rock and valley from Courthouse Butte.

Only the quail, the Gila woodpeckers, and an orange bird in a Palo Verde tree saw me leave, headed up a road whose location was somewhere in the Village of Oak Creek.

Maybe it was the incense I inhaled from a Buddha shop in Tlaquepacque yesterday or maybe it was the hypnotic rotating sculptures in my friend’s backyard (or heck, maybe it was the chardonnay I consumed with the Judge before he had to go to the Courthouse Butte): at any rate, whatever it was, the vortexual energy kept sucking me up the road, further and further, farther and farther until…until…I ran out of energy.

I sat down on a red rock, naturally.

Me, myself, and I regrouped. We had to keep moving, lest someone in the house find us gone. Cheri, up at 5:30? Cheri, out the door before coffee? Cheri, in yoga pants in public?

I am happy to report that I did make it back to the house, but not before the wistful soliloquy of a male quail in search of his honey turned my head.

One lone call, another call…he was so handsome and sweet up there on this perch.


Where is your wife? I asked.

I’m unsure, he answered. This morning, she awoke early and left the nest, wholly unlike her.

Oh, I see.

About Cheri

Writer, artist, cable television host, grandmother to four!
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18 Responses to Was I in a vortex?

  1. Brighid says:

    There have been whispers amongst the quail as far north as RB about an unusual occurrence with an unusual woman…

  2. You are beginning to understand my fifty year fascination with the Southwest.

  3. Richard says:

    I found a return to your earlier offerings most rewarding. I seem to have missed so much the first time round.

    And here again you blend an informative record with an entertaining fantasy and exquisite pictures.

  4. Cyberquill says:

    Ah, there’s that quail again, awaiting its faith of being baked and glazed with honey. Hence its wistful wail.

    Vortices. The debate is over.

  5. wkkortas says:

    Only the most stout-hearted among us admit even owning a pair of purple-striped yoga pants, let alone copping to wearing them outside one’s own four walls.

  6. shoreacres says:

    Hmmmm… I had to do a search for yoga pants. Now I know why. I don’t recall seeing anyone in them, and none of my friends and acquaintances would give them a thought. Unless a wasting disease shows up and resculpts my frame, I’ll not be wearing them, that’s for sure.

    On the other hand, given your circumstances, it makes perfect sense that you’d grab what was at hand at hit the road. I laughed at your own perching on the red rock. More times than I can tell you, I’ve made it happily down the road, only to discover the return trip has magically quadrupled in distance.

    Given the yoga pants, it makes sense that it was “me, myself, and I” who took a rest, rather than “me, my selfie, and I.”

  7. Cheri says:

    Be grateful you live where you live if you haven’t seen girls and women out in yoga pants! Ironically, those who shouldn’t be wearing them in public are the ones that are the majority.
    Yes. Yes. Yes. ( We all agree about the selfie!)

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