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A Proton

by cheri block Joan left the earth’s atmosphere the other night after lingering for several weeks in and about her children’s homes. Now a spot of energy in the Grand Scheme of Things, Joan is on her way. I did … Continue reading

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Queen Joan of Ours

  by cheri block This Morning is quiet on the Rancho. Oddly, the turkeys and their racket are absent. A light wind flutters the oak leaves, so laden with acorns. My dear sycamores rustle; the creek dribbles with sympathy. Light … Continue reading

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Twin Bridges, Montana

  by cheri sabraw Every town or city in which we stopped, especially in Montana, became an opportunity for speculation. Is this a place where we could live part of the year and exit California congestion? This line of questioning we … Continue reading

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The Palouse

by cheri sabraw We entered the Palouse without knowing it. As far as the eye could see were golden undulating hills that looked like Mother Earth  had experienced a serious case of the shivers. From Spokane to the Snake River … Continue reading

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