Queen Joan


by cheri blockIMG_1837


Yesterday, handmaiden that I am, I paid a short visit to Queen Joan and concluded on my way back to my humble quarters that there are some people in the world who are so special that when in their presence, you are sure the world has a soul.

Queen Joan is one of those unique people.

When I entered her chamber, she sat on her throne–a throne that befits her limitations. Her walker and wheelchair rounded out her furnishings, along with a stiff kitchen-table chair for me, her loyal servant.

The Court Trainer had just left with strict instructions concerning the Queen’s diet. No more Oreo cookies! No more Sees candies! The Queen is putting on weight! Because she has no balance and no active life, no hearing and clearly no discipline, it must be her attendants that need culinary restraint!!

Joan is no stranger to court trainers, servants, and of course, the court doctors.

Her ebullient smile and soft eyes belie the circumstances that under her reign have provided a steady stream of work for the entire court medical staff: her audiologist, her pain specialist, her rheumatologist, her radiologist, oncologist, hematologist, gastro-enterologist, urologist, and dermatologist. As one of her heroes, Sir Mel Brooks, aptly stated, ” It’s good to be the Queen.”

My! I rheumanated, as I sneaked into the kitchen,  worried that the Court Trainer might return to  the Queen’s Chamber at any time. My! I rheumanated, shall I provide the Queen with a small sweet, sure to inject her pensive demeanor with a delirium of crunchy, chocolaty, and nutty delight?

Her bib in place, she opened with color like a kaleidoscope.

While she was relishing her treat, she looked over at me–her trusty attendant and inquired, “Who gave me this drumstick?”

“I did,  your highness.”



About Cheri

Writer, artist, cable television host, grandmother to four!
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30 Responses to Queen Joan

  1. Your mother is such a doll. What a blessing that you have her, Cheri, and she has you.

  2. The Queen of all our Hearts is as beautiful as ever.

    • Ladybugg says:

      When I showed her the gorgeous picture of you (that I took…there goes the leak in my humility reservoir) and asked her who it was she replied, ” Me (meaning Joan).” I said, “NO, that’s Aunt Kayti…” You both are beautiful and she smiled.

  3. cpartner@comcast.net says:

    Bravo Cheri! You surely will be rewarded by the King! The jesters are dancing.:-) Another loyal servant of Queen Joan.

  4. T E Stazyk says:

    “Rheumanated” I love it!

    My compliments to the Queen.

    • Ladybugg says:

      Wondered if anyone would notice and sure enough, the guy I thought might respond, did! You writer, you.
      Based on her hand that dominates the picture, I decided to try a play of words. Hope your leg is fully recovered.

      • T E Stazyk says:

        I’ve learned to look for subtleties in your posts!
        My leg is coming along, thanks, I saw the surgeon 2 days ago and she says I’m where I should be 6 weeks into a 12 week process.

  5. Richard says:

    In Queen Joan’s right hand is the orb, encrusted with precious jewels, the symbol of Royal Power.

    In attendance is Princess Cheri, whose physical resemblance to Her Majesty, in younger version, of course, is a source of much wonderment and amazement in her subjects.

    • Ladybugg says:

      She loves her chocolate scepter with the orb you so aptly describe, Sir Richard. Are you related to Sir Mel Brooks? In a former life?
      Princess Cheri is now counting carbs but my loyal subject, thank you, thank you.

      • Richard says:

        No, I cannot say I am related to Mel Brooks in any former life, although I can hear the whisper of the river.

        That does not stop me calling out: GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!

        • Ladybugg says:

          I had no idea that the Thames River whispered.
          You have seen Mel’s movies, right?
          The History of the World is a riot. Come to think of it, maybe I’ll watch it again.

  6. shoreacres says:

    I’m smiling almost as much as Her HIghness. A lovely, and fun, post!

  7. wkkortas says:

    May she reign a thousand years.

    • Ladybugg says:

      It took me awhile to respond to this comment, Sir W.K., because I had to check with the Royal Accountant and the Royal Actuary who both said that were the Queen to live 1000 more years, her 401K and pension plan would run out of money. So, let’s hope for 10 more, shall we?

  8. So happy to see her smiling countenance. She is regal as ever.

    • Ladybugg says:

      Thank you Barbara,
      Just as your parents were special to mine, you and Rebecca have always been special to my mother. Thank you for your many years of love to her!

  9. Brighid says:

    Wonderful picture of her majesty. Whoa that makes you a Princess! I bow before your wordness.

  10. bogard says:

    Queen Joan, beautiful as ever. And dammit, at this point in her life she deserves those sweet indulgences. Reminds of my grandmother, 99 years old, 90 lbs, whose physician wanted her on cholesterol meds and a limited diet…seriously??!! Marge said, “no way!!” Please extend my greetings and love to Queen Joan next time you see her.

    • Ladybugg says:

      Sir William of Tahoe, how gracious of you to stop by and pay your respects to the Queen! Princess Cheri is most touched, I who remember you when you were Prince William. I shall indeed give her your greetings, you handsome knight. And when you visit Queen Marge and King W., please let them know that I, too, send my best regards.

  11. pamela mah says:

    Dear Cheri: Loverly!…as is Queen Joan’s princess/handmaiden. Thank you for sharing the blessing. -pam

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