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The Door

by cheri sabraw Most of us take doors for granted, like we do our feet and teeth. Only when a door is unhinged does the privacy it creates become appreciated. Surely, the door is a fine literary symbol used in … Continue reading

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How to remember vocabulary for the rest of your life

by cheri sabraw Have you ever discovered that you have been using a vocabulary word incorrectly? For example, do you think the word non-plused means unimpressed? Or what about the word diffident? Do you think it means aloof? Non-plused does … Continue reading


Have Dog, Will Travel, but why?

  by cheri sabraw You’ve seen Chip on this blog before. He was driving a car. He isn’t my dog, but his bravado, especially considering he is blind and deaf, is admirable. Chip is a rarity in this age of … Continue reading

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The Washington Hospital Experience: Take # 1

by cheri sabraw It’s been over 53 years since I made my television debut on The Mayor Art Show. You can read about my early (and abridged) career in television here. Last week, I returned to a studio to be … Continue reading

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