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A Patio Reverie

by cheri sabraw The quail pair doesn’t see me sitting so still on the patio, sipping my iced vanilla coffee, undetected. She, under an overgrown Bottlebrush shrub, pecking away for plant bits and seeds and he, parading across my line of … Continue reading

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The Tree of Ténéré

by cheri The last acacia tree still standing bravely against the harsh Nigerien sun and the raging and thirsty winds of the Sahara Desert fell in 1973, the arborial victim to a drunk driver. It’s hard to believe that with no … Continue reading

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by cheri She should hate bats. Actually, she should go berserk, like a crazed Norseman of yore, whenever one of those dark-winged drones flaps by her ear at that time when the nocturnal awake–dusk. She should go crazy because of … Continue reading

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