Equine Heaven


by cheri block

When I was about ten years of age, I wanted to change my name to Winnie. That was the sound a horse makes. I would trot around the playground and race out into the grassy field, kicking up my hooves in the sweet turf and tossing my ponytail into the wind. When the bell rang, ending recess, I would jump out of the starting gate out there in field and charge as fast as I could (with a racing saddle on my back) into Room 11, snorting and whinnying, and stomping my hooves.

The boys thought I was weird. Every other girl in my class, except for Meaux Morrow, laughed at me.

I read every horse book known to a little girl. Black Gold, Man o’ War, Black Beauty...I ate up those stories as if they were the sweetest alfalfa  fed only to horses who had rightfully earned their places in Equine Heaven.

I still am a sucker for horse stories and read Laura Hillenbrand’s Seabiscuit: An American Legend in a couple of days.

Writing a horse story is one of my literary goals after I finish writing about WG Sebald’s Austerlitz. I am happy to report that I have 8 pages to go on my Master’s thesis and then I can jump across the creek, shake my mane, stretch my legs, and canter up to the top of the olive orchard.

About Cheri

Writer, artist, cable television host, grandmother to four!
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18 Responses to Equine Heaven

  1. I will watch for you at the starting gate my little pony! Tell me about the painting? Yours? AK

  2. Richard says:

    Enchanting. Soon to be unsaddled, eh?

  3. Cyberquill says:

    You could write a hoarse story about a stallion with laryngitis.

  4. Cheri says:

    🙂 Good plan. That’s about as far as my creativity goes these days, anyway.

  5. wkkortas says:

    I’d say a story about a horse named Paul Revere, but that sounds vaguely familiar to me for some reason.

  6. Brighid says:

    Love your horse picture. I can’t wait for you to run free, or at least go at a slow lope. I would love a copy of your horse story.

    • Cheri says:

      When I write it, you shall receive it!
      I’d like to go at a slow lope (or canter!) since I rode for years on an Indian Military Saddle. Have you seen one of those? It looks like an English saddle but has a lambwool padding, a little higher pommel…Very comfortable. Maybe it is called an Indian Civil Service Saddle.

      • Brighid says:

        Thankful that I will get a copy of the story. As to the Indian Military Saddle… I had not seen one before, but after looking it up it does look comfy. Always wanted an English saddle, but our horses preferred bareback or western.

  7. bogard says:

    Happy New Year, Cheri. Hope you and the Judge had a great holiday season.
    Well, M. Morrow, there’s a name from the past… But regarding your horse story and classroom experience, I had a classmate throughout elementary school who had a similar interest in horses and exhibited “horse behavior” around the neigborhood, stick pony and all. As you might imagine, there was a little teasing going on. You may remember J. Nelson from high school.

  8. Cheri says:

    Hmmmm….let’s see. Did she ride around on a stick pony in high school? I do not remember her.
    I hope you and Butterfly Woman had a marvelous New Year’s celebration. Hizzoner and I were in bed before the New Year rang in, but were in Phoenix the next day. Warm, warm, warm.

    • bogard says:

      She may have been gone by your time at MSJHS, but there was, in fact, a stick pony involved, whinny, hat, boots, scarf, etc (not past 6th grade).
      Butterfily lady and I spent New Years in Pasadena, warm, and much fun, but just slightly unfulfilled due to the Cardinal loss.

  9. Man of Roma says:

    Waiting for your horse story to come, let me say that this silence between us is unbearable. I cannot conceive blogging without you.

  10. Man of Roma says:

    Literal. No double meaning.

  11. Cheri says:

    Hi Giovanni!
    I love hearing from you. When you stopped blogging for awhile (and Andreas, as well), I just stopped reading. I need to put your blog back on my Digg Reader and will!
    I hope you are doing well and look forward to reading what you are up to in Rome. Are you still there? We have not been back since Follina (Loved it) several years ago.

  12. Man of Roma says:

    Dear Cheri, long time no hear! I still live in Rome and I am up to a few things. I also love to interact with you again! So many memories.

    You are btw pardoned for having stopped reading the Man of Roma blog 🙂
    You haven’t missed much, I’ll inform you: my recent posts are so stuffy, historically stuffy. I hope to write something different in the near future.

    To make you feel guilty (not literal) I will say that I never stopped reading ‘Notes from around the Block’, although you cannot know since, doing all my banking stuff online and often on the move, I need to use a VPN connection (that means that some guy from Brasil or Ukraine can be me lol).

    Felice anno nuovo a te e ai tuoi cari (beloved ones) Chaeri

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