Quebec City

by cheri block

Tonight, as is customary during our fall months– before winter’s chill hovers and then settles into the meadow, silencing the fall breezes that blow ten-thousand leaves off the sycamore trees–  the crickets grate a syncopated tune with their wings.

The skies darken earlier. The earth makes her way toward the distant points on the ecliptic. The squirrels living on the Rancho work around the clock, furtively collecting walnuts from our trees and boldly raiding my bird-feeders for sunflower seeds and grain.

The gophers too, seem restless underground in their darkened tunnels, so they surface on our lawn each night, leaving mounds of fresh dirt, some filled with squirming worms.

It was only a week ago that we were in Quebec City, the provincial capital of Quebec.

How long ago those images seem to me. I, like the crickets, the squirrels, and the gophers have been busily tending to necessities. The animals need attention and grooming; the plants need fertilizer and weeding; the basement needs rearranging, the library needs organization, the pantry needs culling.

Ahhh! The complications of modern life that tear us from our buoys, sending us out into a sea of responsibility.

My mind travels back only a week, to the gorgeous land that is Quebec.

We marvel at the same scene, illuminated by the sun and then the moon.

The street pauses in surprise.

Where are the tourists? The cars?

The Grand Dame of Quebec City, Hotel Chateau Frontenac, stands at river’s edge, pushing out her bosom, daring suitors to challenge her role here on the bluff by the Plains of Abraham.

On the Island of Orleans, fifteen minutes from Quebec City, we escape the tourists and treat ourselves to images that  elicit mixed feelings.

And the leek fields.

A waterfall from the back and the front.

The land is lush; the experience varied and rich; the Québécois, gracious and hearty!

About Cheri

Writer, artist, cable television host, grandmother to four!
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4 Responses to Quebec City

  1. Great pictures! Glad you had a nice trip. Has your bag come back from the Middle East yet?

  2. Cheri says:

    My bag arrived in one piece with all contents undisturbed. Amazing. I am so grateful.
    It was hard selecting which pictures to upload. I had so many. Thank you, Tom.

  3. You have captured the spirit of Québec and Montmorency falls are very nicely pictured. Were pictures 1 and 2 taken from the Château’s towers?

  4. Cheri says:

    Hi Paul,
    Oh, thank you! I could have posted so many more gorgeous shots of your country and people.
    Photos one and two are taken from our window on the 12th floor of the towers. We loved seeing the back of Montmorency Falls and walking out on that little bridge. The ride up in the tram was fun, too. We walked two miles to the Museum Beaux-Arts (in the pouring rain), enjoying the Grand Allee (spelling?). Getting out of the touristy parts of these cities is important. True for all big cities.

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