Beautiful Lake Tahoe!

by cheri block

Somewhere, under the umbrella canopy, sit families enjoying a Lake Tahoe July afternoon.

Although the sky threatens, the mountain air is full with the sounds of children squealing and the lap of the water onto the beach.

Up the boardwalk we walk, as we have for 50 years. The beauty of Tahoe beckons.

It is tempting to slip back to the past at a moment like this. Why, it seems only yesterday that my father with a boat full of Blocks was trying to find a parking place here.

The afternoon has spent itself; families are packing up towels, sand toys, and coolers. Dragonflies skim the cold water. The wind is picking up. Sailboats scoot out and unfurl their sails, free from  their berths; motorboats recede to their buoys.

The sky furrows her brow but the lake withstands the negative nod.

We too, my sister and her husband, the Judge and I, stay on the dock, sipping a punch sure to ease any concerns such clouds might cause.

The crowds leave for their cabins in the tall pine, fir, and cedar trees. Sandy bodies will enter the bathtubs, towels will flutter on deck rails, and grills will heat up.

We prefer to stare at the lake with its haunting dark beauty.

It would be tempting to recall several rough boat rides home across the 12 mile expanse from east to west.

Instead, we anchor our hats down on our heads and continue to observe the continuum of life on the dock by the beach on tempestuous Lake Tahoe.

One last wooden boat motors home.



About Cheri

Writer, artist, cable television host, grandmother to four!
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11 Responses to Beautiful Lake Tahoe!

  1. Sblock says:

    You forgot to mention the multitude of browned ten year olds laying belly down on the splintery dock manipulating handlines knotted with bacon pilfered from the breakfast kitchen all in the pursuit of the prized crayfish or as I prefer “crawldaddy”.

  2. Clearly, those “families under the umbrellas are enjoying an afternoon at lake Tahoe but certainly not the lake that they can’t possibly see…unless they are equipped with periscopes. Gosh what a crowd.
    As for the Patience boat, she looks like heading out on the lake, do those people live on the other shore? If so, they must have a very nice and quiet access to said lake so why come over to that crowded beach?
    I know that humans are a gregarious lot, but still!

    • Cheri says:

      Hi Paul,
      I decided not to write about how congested Tahoe has become in the summer. The Judge and I rarely go up during “high season” anymore. Too much traffic and humanity for our likes.

      The Patience craft was likely headed for a dock or berth close by. Some people do drive miles to come to the Chambers Landing Beach. Tahoe is about 23 miles long and 12 miles wide. It takes on the personality of an ocean after three o’ clock.

  3. Though quite different memories from yours, we too cherish Tahoe memories from a week’s honeymoon 65 years ago, tthrough camping, and hiking and back backing with children and grandchildren for most of those years, and of course, including all the Block vacations our families shared through so many years. So many years painting on the beaches, so many sunburns. How we love Tahoe. Among your litany of beautiful word paintings, Cheri, this is one of the best. Thank you. AK

    • Cheri says:

      Gosh AK, you are too kind.
      The many raucous evenings spent with Rasmussens at the cabin are etched in my mind.
      I had no idea that you and Dr. Advice spend your honeymoon at Tahoe.

      I had my fair share of sunburns. Do you remember the Greyhound bus coming through at Chambers Lodge?

  4. bogard says:

    Ah, yes. Some things never, and indeed shouldn’t, change. More great memories. Thanks Cheri.

    • Cheri says:

      Well, Bogard, I can’t be at Tahoe without you in my heart.
      Walked past your old cabin on Saturday very early, on my way to get a paper at Obexer’s. The Obexer family recently took over the running of the marina and store. Big improvement, especially in the coffee.
      The lake is high this year due to the tremendous rain we had this season.

      The wind blew through the pines while we sat on our deck. Rich Ransom came over to say hi and update us. Just seeing him reminded me of you and all those great dances at Meeks Bay.

      • bogard says:

        Ah, yes. Some things never, and indeed shouldn’t, change. More great memories. Thanks Cheri.

        Obexer’s was my morning spot: Go to the store, buy orange juice, a box of mini-donuts, and the Chronicle, sit on the dock. Pure heaven, HEAVEN!! Hope RR is doing well. Haven’t seen him in many years, but man, we had some great times at Tahoe Ski Bowl. And yes, those Meeks Bay dances. Also, my first water skiing outing was behind your Dad’s boat!! I can still sense the thrill of it and the breath-taking cold of the clear Tahoe waters. FABULOUS!!

  5. Don says:

    One of my best friends had a boat mechanic business up there for over ten years. Got to know the place and its wealthier residents really well. One of the wealthiest gave him an old Chris Craft as a sort of thanks. I wonder if Patience there is one of his former patients.

    • Cheri says:

      When we were kids at Tahoe, we didn’t have a wooden boat. Only the rich had those.
      But we did have a boat….and Dad took us all over Tahoe in it.

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