Freedom to be a French West Highland White Terrier

by cheri block

Ahhh….the certainty of it all, here in Aix-en-Provence! Our prices are set. Negotiations? Find the market place, you tightwad. Ours is a shop of fine Egyptian linens and Italian shoes. And just to make sure you understand our philosophy, I am wearing my blue silk scarf and feigning interest. After all, I’m French.

Oh. I see you with your camera and your kind face. I also see that (with awkwardness) you must hand your buttery croissant to your accommodating husband so that you might photograph me. Do so at your whim, Madame.

You are surprised. I can see this in your expression. You were expecting, perhaps, a country of French Poodles everywhere? I know what you are thinking, but don’t say it. Yes, during World War II (so my English ancestors–the West Highland White Terriers of Britain told me), we French did choke on courtesy and cowardice. But don’t hold it against us now.

Oh. You are not? Splendid. You’ve found us charming and friendly.

You will come back?

Oui! Oui!

Merci, my Cherie.

About Cheri

Writer, artist, cable television host, grandmother to four!
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12 Responses to Freedom to be a French West Highland White Terrier

  1. We’re going to Palo Alto. Maybe I’ll see yu there. I’ll look for your blue silk scarf!

  2. Rosemary Feeley Foreman says:

    Bonjour Cheri!!
    I lived in Valence for one year with Jeff, my husband…and traveled to Aix en Provence several times…one of my best friends lives there…(LOVE Saint Remy, aussi!!). Lots of Brits there, and universities, so I would go there to get my English fix!! Jeff’s company paid for our dogs to come over with us, so we sped around Provence with our Briard, Bonaparte (you might have heard about that bad boy!!) and our overweight white Golden, Marley….both beloved breeds in France. We returned home with visions of the MOST beloved dog in France, little WESTIES, dancing in our heads. Loving, sparkling, feisty, spirited, sweet, massive personality, and brilliant dogs. And as your photo shows, just darling. Cindy can tell you have much I loved Snazzy, your Scottish Terrier, growing up….and so I just fell in love with France’s beloved Terrier. (terror, at times!). And so we have Sophie, aged 18 months, and she looks just like your sweet photo. She speaks French, by the way!! .
    Bon Vacances!!!

    • Cheri says:

      Hi Rosemary,
      Oh yes. I have heard about Bonaparte…I had no idea that Westies were so popular in France. What a terrific experience to live there for a while. We didn’t have enough time to truly explore the region. So often the case in our overseas travel.

      Good old Snazzy. She was a terrier in the finest ways.

  3. Cyberquill says:

    Austria won the Eurovision song contest only once, with this song. I just thought of it for some reason. Probably has nothing to do with your post.

  4. The song is nice although save for “merci chérie” I did not understand a word. The singer is reasonably good for a 17 years old, if I got it right. Ah! the 60s when you still could hear the words when someone sang..

    • Cheri says:

      The 60’s Paul?

    • Cyberquill says:

      Udo Jürgens was 32 at the time, so you got it about half right. Household name in German-speaking countries for almost 50 years. Sold over 100 million records. Not bad, given he’s known in three countries only.

    • Richard says:

      Starting from the data supplied:

      “…once…”, “…my vintage…”, “… an older woman my age…”, “…17 years old…”, “…32 at the time…”, “… almost 50 years…”, “…the 60s…”, “…the 60’s…?…”, “…100 million…”, “…only three countries…”

      the conclusion is unavoidable.

      Thank you, Cheri. Sung from the heart.

  5. Brighid says:

    I have a friend with a Westie and he rules supreme. My Scotty Fergus, (who goes by Gusserson) is turning two this month…such a short time with such a funny terror. Gotta love the personality in dogs. Hope your having a great summer.

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